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  1. English, purely because it's pretty much the only subject I'm sorta good at.
  2. Got bored of Skyrim and went back to Oblivion for a while.. Battlehorn castle is ridiculous. 'Oh, the owner is dead, I guess you are the owner now!' Nice castle though.
  3. I picked stoic. I usually favour female characters pretty much purely because I feel bad for how often they are ignored x) I can't even help it anymore at this point
  4. Dry, cold, windy, occasionally raining. Welcome to fall!
  5. Gym leader! I'd kill for a team of awesome ghost pokemon
  6. Lesbian. I always get the 'but you don't look like a lesbian?' crap
  7. I take piano lessons, and I guess I'm kinda mediocre at it. My dad is REALLY ****ING GREAT at it and next to him I'm a toddler on a toy keyboard
  8. Superduif (Superpigeon). It's about a girl who thinks she can turn into a pigeon, and it's one of the most emotional, heartbreaking books i've ever read, no lie.
  9. Hussie said he would post everything up until the end of the story at once. I doubt the site can handle all the viewers...
  10. Their Stonehenge song is better & funnier
  11. A cat, people pretty much worship cats in some kinda kawaii-neko-cat-cult, and it's acceptable to sleep and be useless all day. And maybe a deer because they're pretty, but on the other hand, pretty useless past that.
  12. Could you reserve a spot for me? I was writing my application but I have to leave now, I'll probably won't have it done before tomorrow.
  13. Maybe humans are just delicious to them, and animals are like.. vegetables.
  14. Since Attack On Titan is on hiatus for god knows how long, I've started on Bleach. It's going to take me forever to go through all three-hundred-something episodes though..