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  1. Nice dragon! I hope I can manage to grab them tomorrow, today seems impossible xD Edit: I was looking for them on vaentine´s biome. My face when I realised the other biomes were full of them had no prize... 😂
  2. Yaaaaaaaaay! It's amazing that we can grab cbs from other years, I wanted the ones from 2015, 2017 and 2018, though apparently I'm not fast enough xD
  3. I got sword and OMG I get distracted by the raids and just wandering around the wild area. 30 hours in and I've only beaten the 3rd gym xD I'm having a blast. I'll rely on the surprise trade to get the rest of the starters and the exclusives. So far I've managed to get a ponyta and several scorbunny... But the one i chose was Scorbunny T_T
  4. Another no-win-cookie here 😣 Congrats to the winners!
  5. This totally caught me by surprise! Thanks for the unexpected release
  6. https://dragcave.net/lineage/GoDcc 😲
  7. I'd support the 2 days drop or only one day with more egg drops. Lag killed me, it took me forever to get a batch but at that moment I thought it was my connection. Btw, right now we have the halloween biome that allows us to get any halloween cb from past years without limit, so what if the drop lasts 3 days and people get as many as they can? It's not like there won't be cb of that dragon the next year. The restriction made sense before, when there wasn't a halloween biome and the cb could only be obtained the year of the release, that way the cbs were very, very exclusive. But now we can have more that one batch of cbs if we hunt for them the next years. Another possibility is to put an egg limit the year of the release, that limit would be the user's egg limit (trophy's egg limit) and then lift it the next year. That way we could have a 3 day drop without the risk of people getting 2 batches.
  8. I got (MysTz) and I also realized I had (sHork) which makes me think of this: Of couse poor sHork had to be a messy 😒
  9. Hi! I came back from a very long absence and I'm completely lost with the new features (like the trading center, raffles, groups...) and I guess I also need update on how the forum works nowadays 😅 Thanks!
  10. I'm glad you liked the OP lineage! It took me a while to complete it
  11. So I'm not the only one looking for dark luminas without finding a single egg
  12. I just bred an avatar of destruction with this code: zGonZ It would have been better if it was a GoN, but is funny enough for me I'm going to keep it without naming it!
  13. I like these two combinations; I'll definitely try once I finally catch a cb thalassa
  14. nE0O0 I have influenced it to be a male. If it turns out to be female I'll be extremely disappointed I think I'm going to leave it unnamed and bred it with a dragon named Trinity.
  15. It's Levi0sa not LeviosA Naruto's Shadow
  16. Yesterday my dragon attrackted a White, but today... A teimarr dragon comes to visit your dragon’s den. She seems interested, but doesn’t stay long. It seems she liked the collection of meat, but left to find a dragon with more shinies. I'm not sure if the story is going to end well for the poor dragon.
  17. Since his code isn't "TITAN", he's looking for a female TITAN. I think I should stop reading Shingeki no Kyojin
  18. Heartseeker: thanks, flavalinda! Heartseeker: thanks, Dragon_Arbock!
  19. I just bred this but I forgot I was still egg locked, so it was auto-abandoned
  20. I keep coming back too and modifiying (adding and removing) codes from my list. This is the worst part of the raffle I wonder how many users are going to be selected from the backup pool...
  21. Toph1 would have been an amazing code! It was one of my options in case I won, but there are so many shows/books/movie that I like that it ended up deleted from my list. Besides, although Toph is amazing, Lin Beifong is even better but I can't think of a good 5 letter code for her. Perhaps I am too excited about the redraw
  22. Perfect match for Sansa!