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  1. I'm glad you liked the OP lineage! It took me a while to complete it
  2. So I'm not the only one looking for dark luminas without finding a single egg
  3. I just bred an avatar of destruction with this code: zGonZ It would have been better if it was a GoN, but is funny enough for me I'm going to keep it without naming it!
  4. I like these two combinations; I'll definitely try once I finally catch a cb thalassa
  5. nE0O0 I have influenced it to be a male. If it turns out to be female I'll be extremely disappointed I think I'm going to leave it unnamed and bred it with a dragon named Trinity.
  6. It's Levi0sa not LeviosA Naruto's Shadow
  7. Yesterday my dragon attrackted a White, but today... A teimarr dragon comes to visit your dragon’s den. She seems interested, but doesn’t stay long. It seems she liked the collection of meat, but left to find a dragon with more shinies. I'm not sure if the story is going to end well for the poor dragon.
  8. Since his code isn't "TITAN", he's looking for a female TITAN. I think I should stop reading Shingeki no Kyojin
  9. Heartseeker: thanks, flavalinda! Heartseeker: thanks, Dragon_Arbock!
  10. I just bred this but I forgot I was still egg locked, so it was auto-abandoned
  11. I keep coming back too and modifiying (adding and removing) codes from my list. This is the worst part of the raffle I wonder how many users are going to be selected from the backup pool...
  12. Toph1 would have been an amazing code! It was one of my options in case I won, but there are so many shows/books/movie that I like that it ended up deleted from my list. Besides, although Toph is amazing, Lin Beifong is even better but I can't think of a good 5 letter code for her. Perhaps I am too excited about the redraw
  13. Perfect match for Sansa!
  14. Love that code It would definitely go with a halloween dragon named Alucard! Edit: By the way, I'm dying to get a prizekin related to Frodo, name it "Frodo son of Drogo" and breed it with dragons named after Game of Thrones characters.
  15. He is part of the House Stark, it is known There are a lot of awesome codes! I specially liked the Code Geass themed one. Snape was on my code-list in case I won. Luckily the other codes I had thought of haven't been taken yet!
  16. I have different sections on my scroll: lineages projects, Prize-kins, rest of the dragons sorted by breed. I do understand and share your fascination I shouldn't be checking the email since the redraw shouldn't be happening any time soon (I'll take at least two weeks, right?), but I can't help it.
  17. DC's best quote of the year.
  18. So. Many. Prize-Fails. With. Awesome. Codes. Perhaps I'm getting too excited about that Congrats to the winners again!
  19. Yes Edit: I quoted the wrong message, but I'm sure we all know which one I tried to quote
  20. I was having the same tiny little hope I have to restrain my brain from thinking about it and about the redraw Even though I didn't win (yet ) I'm really looking forward the high amount of tinselkin and shimmerkin that are going to invade the AP
  21. Not a winner this year. I don't know what am I supposed to do with all the codes I thought of Congrats to the winners!