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  1. Noxaura snarled at the loner. Her anger was growing every second. She only wanted the loner to leave, and a deer was an excellent offering considering that the Nightshade wolves were going hungry. After a few moments of silence, she said, "Fine." Her eyes narrowed. "And I don't want to ever even have to look at you again." A growl rose in her throat.
  2. "QUIET!" Noxaura erupted with a sudden force. "If the loner wants to speak, let him speak. But you don't have any say in this, Ambrosia." She sneered, narrowing her eyes at the Ambrosia Beta Male. "What do you have to say for yourself?" She turned to the loner.
  3. Noxaura's ears pricked as she heard a strange commotion going on. It almost sounded like an argument... She decided that she had better go check it out. Who knew what might have happened? Bounding off, the black she-wolf finally reached the river. ... Oh, no. A loner and Ambrosia wolves. Noxaura bared her teeth as a growl rose in her throat. She would certainly fight if it had to come to it. Standing up taller than her true height, Noxaura spoke. "What's going on?" She asked in a rough voice.
  4. As Noxaura trotted out of the den, she scowled as she heard Zane's words. "Then you don't have any use." She padded away, over to Mae. "Perfect." She smiled. "You don't didn't happen to see any of the Ambrosia wolves, did you?" Noxaura bristled at the name.
  5. (Hmm... We can pretend that there are more. Or maybe I'll just sign up a few pups and a mom! ) Noxaura nodded once more to Balisha. She watched her attempt to awaken Zane. She looked back to Rhage. Turning her head to one of the dens, she decided to go and check up on the mother wolf and her pups. "Rhage, I'll be right back! She called out.
  6. Noxaura scoffed as a smirk spread on her face. "Well, if you're really that desperate, you can stay here and keep guard for a little while with me." Tilting her head, she continued, "There's been a lot of potential threats lately. Who knows if something's going to happen or not?" She chuckled, even though she knew it was quite a serious matter.
  7. (I'ts okay, i'm on my phone, too. And sorry if I sort of power played. ) "Smart." Noxaura nodded curtly as a signal, allowing Mae to go on ahead. "Don't go too far and make sure to always keep an eye out for prey." She paused. "We need whatever we can find." Turning to Balisha, Noxaura said, "You can go ahead and choose a few other wolves to hunt with you. I'll stay here with the rest of the pack." She held her ears in an alert fashion and lifted her tail a little higher.
  8. "Yes, you may." Noxaura replied to Balisha before Mae could say anything. Often times, Noxaura took too much of an advantage of her authority as an Alpha. Zaya awoke as the scent of deer filled her nose. She pawed at Dagger, and he soon woke up. "What is it?" He asked her softly. "I smell deer. What do you say we go and try to catch it?" Zaya asked, a bright twinkle in her eyes. Dagger groaned and rolled over, turning away from his sister.
  9. Noxaura cast a sideways glance at Rhage. That was strange. She usually saw almost everything that happened in and around her pack, and yet she hadn't seen him sitting there until he stood up. She shook her head to rid herself of the thought. Silently, she beckoned him forward with a flick of her tail. Slowly, Noxaura once again turned to Balisha. "Balisha, will you be coming to hunt?" Forrest and Zaya were both still in dream land.
  10. Noxaura smiled as she saw Mae. "Quite well, actually." She said with a light laugh. "Although, I wish I'd gone to hunt. I'm starving!" Noxaura continued. For a moment, her violet eyes narrowed. "Speaking of hunting..." Trailing off, Noxaura stod taller. "We should probably set up a hunt. We'll patrol along the way." She grinned lopsidedly. "You can choose who's going to come."
  11. (Haha, I'm not really sure! This is usually the age I make my characters. ) Noxaura glanced down upon Balisha. Her stomach rumbled quietly. Daintily, she hopped off of the rock. Brushing herself off, she asked, "What do you think? Shall we set up a hunting party?" She tilted her head to the side, waiting for an answer. It would have been nicer for Noxaura to hunt during nighttime, but the she-wolf hadn't eaten in a few days. Her hunger was growing hard to suppress.
  12. (Yeah, green would be pretty good. ) Noxaura tilted her head to the heavens and howled a wake up call. It was a low, beautiful sound that could make anybody shudder. She hopped up onto a large rock and comfortably laid down as she waited for the other Nightshade wolves to wake up. Zaya stirred in her sleep; she murmured something inaudible as her golden eyes fluttered open. They slowly closed again.
  13. (Woohoo! We can start! I'm really excited. I'll be keeping up our past conversations up for a little while longer in case anybody wants to read them. Note: It is currently morning time, and it is summer.) Noxaura groggily padded out of her den as she luxuriously stretched. The morning skies were a lovely washed blue; a frown crept onto the fae's slender face. To her, there was no real use for daytime. The prey was always alert during the hours when the sun was visible, and everything became quite hot. Noxaura would definitely prefer for it to be nighttime, but she knew that she could
  14. You can send me the edits. Also, I think I'll be taking out the Delta rankings.
  15. You can have up to four characters! Do you think you could make a female subordinate for Nightshade? I'll be making a male subordinate for the Ambrosia pack. And after that, I think we will be ready to start!
  16. I've added a few more wolves that have been signed up.
  17. @Silviinael, sure! Do whatever your heart tells you to do. @na82008, it's great! Thanks, I will.
  18. Yeah... It kind of is. Go ahead, feel free to make a banner. I'd actually appreciate it!
  19. I have one! You can make another if you'd like.
  20. Yes, I have, but I'm actually on a really tight schedule. I'll put your form on there soon!
  21. OH MY GOODNESS. The Day of the Doctor is only for one day. It's screening for one freaking day. IT'S A MONDAY. It's screening on a Monday. Goodbye, I am going to go hyperventilate now.
  22. I saw a copper two days ago in the desert biome. Urgh, this darn browser is just too slow.