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  1. This is so small its only 2 Pixels, i noticed when looking at my Dragons that the Vampire dragon has literally two white pixels where its Neck and Wings are next to each other, i'm not sure if its the Same for the Female sprite, but i just wanted to point this out because i feel like everyone else would've missed it.

  2. I would love to see this, i've had slight problems with myself in identification myself in the past, so i identify differently for different situations, but not everyone can do that, so i would love to see that this would take the weight of of so many people's shoulders.

  3. i actually thought of this, i figured there would be a poll with the names of the Dragons and the Dragon's sprites in the post. OR we could choose simply by name and the Dragon's appearance could be a complete surprise.


    The Dragons that are chosen for the Poll would probably be a Collaboration between staff to pick the Dragons and Compile them together, choosing 10 they like in total, and then make the poll.


    i can make a Chart if your confused.

  4. I imagine the claws could definitely slash it they wanted them to, but were probably more for gripping and puncturing the neck.


    I...don't know if I've ever heard of serrated claws? Maybe that is a thing, but I thought it was really mostly for teeth? I mean, your nails aren't serrated, but you can still scratch someone and draw blood if they're long enough (and even more so if they're sharpened). Cat claws are also pretty freaking sharp.

    i've never heard of Serrated claws, only Hooked ones.