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  1. Happy Birthday Dragon Cave!


    These Eggs are gorgeous! I can't wait to see what the dragons look like! and the sprite updates to the Red and Seasonals was a much needed change. I can't wait to see how the Market and new Trading system affect the way we play!

    also tfw you only have 7 egg slots so you can only get 3 pairs and 1 solo.😭

  2. Managed to get a Pygmy in the Forest out of clicking all the eggs I saw. Maybe I'll have better luck in the Jungle?


    EDIT: while writing this it turned to the next drop time and I managed to miss all the eggs. lol rip.

  3. I have some Xenowyrms now, But I originally offered a CB Summer to trade for one earlier today, after about an hour of impatience i cancel the trade and abandon the egg because i went hunting for new Releases. low and behold, I check some of the trading forums and someone was asking for a CB summer and was willing to give a Xenowyrm. and Internal screaming ensued.