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  1. I was offered this Vine Dragon in a trade that ended up being a Dorkface, the thing is I actually had to click on Atlas T Dorkface to actually see the original duo in it's lineage.
  2. I constantly try to breed valuable dragons when I am egglocked.
  3. My wishlist is pretty small Spessartine Pyralspite Silver Dragon Alt Undine Alt Dark Green I'm a fan of messy lineages so I'm not really picky on what's in the dragon's blood, so to speak, so any lineage is perfectly fine with me!
  4. And the site has crashed (I'll have you someday Coasties, SOMEDAY!) Got a Coastie
  5. Happy Birthday Dragon Cave! These Eggs are gorgeous! I can't wait to see what the dragons look like! and the sprite updates to the Red and Seasonals was a much needed change. I can't wait to see how the Market and new Trading system affect the way we play! also tfw you only have 7 egg slots so you can only get 3 pairs and 1 solo.😭
  6. Looks like I had much better luck in the forest. Already egglocked with 4 pygmies and 3 drakes. Looks like two of my drakes have very similar codes with only 2 letters being switched into their respective places. Twins!
  7. Managed to get a Pygmy in the Forest out of clicking all the eggs I saw. Maybe I'll have better luck in the Jungle? EDIT: while writing this it turned to the next drop time and I managed to miss all the eggs. lol rip.
  8. It is only 40 min after the drop, might become easier as the release goes on.
  9. I feel like the next logical step for Valentines events is a DragonCave Dating Sim
  10. >tfw you don't have most of the dragons necessary to actually breed the hybrids
  11. Locked myself with all six variants Hopefully none of them die on me :'D
  12. Man getting a hold of these Crystal dragons are quite a pain, but that's the fun in it!
  13. Egglocked, Hope Ya'll have a Happy Halloween!
  14. "Welcome to the Jungle We got Bright Pinks and Frills We got everything you want Honey, we got the Eggs"
  15. Finally got myself a Frilled Dragon, Now I have one of each and I am happy. now I can actually go and do something else now without that incomplete feeling
  16. Got all of them but the Frilled, it's quite aggressive in the Jungle to find eggs.
  17. C-h-a-n-g-e I guess you lost the word game and hyphenated.
  18. I have some Xenowyrms now, But I originally offered a CB Summer to trade for one earlier today, after about an hour of impatience i cancel the trade and abandon the egg because i went hunting for new Releases. low and behold, I check some of the trading forums and someone was asking for a CB summer and was willing to give a Xenowyrm. and Internal screaming ensued.
  19. Seems all the caves are blocked.
  20. Getting a Solstice Dragon Egg after fighting for one for 30+ minuets is Probably the Best feeling I've had since getting my Golden Dragon.