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  1. Man these Pygmies are elusive, only had the luck to nab one so far.
  2. I love the Forest one's hatchling description It's so clever-I love the Forest one's hatchling description
  3. Ack, I've gotta wait for most of my eggs to finally hatch before I can do some serious hunting
  4. 15 eggs, most I've gotten in a festiva!
  5. ~Roxanne "Blood Sugar" Scarlett - Showtime~ As the intercom shut off, it gave Roxanne an almost wicked smile. There were only two times she felt completely in her element: Living it up around town, and fighting the demons known as the Lost Ones. She began her preparations for the mission. A quick set of stretches would make sure that her body would be limber enough for combat, a quick filing to get her nails extra sharp for a quick draw if needed, and most importantly: A very bright, red dress. "Showtime." she smiled to herself in the mirror, before leaving to the meeting room.
  6. ~Roxanne "Blood Sugar" Scarlett, with Mikasa361 as Lucian "Peridot" Chevalier-Doxiadis - Drink Responsibly~ Roxanne had finished her lunch in silence, much like while she was eating. After she put the dishes up, she grabbed herself a drink and walked over to her suite, which she shared with Lucian. She entered the room to find that he was watching TV on the couch. "Hey Peri, mind if I sit here?", she asked after leaving her heels behind at the door and wandering over to the couch. Lucian nodded. “Yeah, that’s fine.” He said as he scooted a little to the side. Perri was glad that he had some alone time, but he supposed it was okay if he didn’t for a little while. She took her spot on the other side of the couch with a stretch, before placing her feet onto the coffee table, "So what'cha watchin?" Peridot peered at the screen, honestly not sure what he was watching anymore. “Honestly? No idea. I guess they’re people who like stunts?” He grabbed the remote and changed the channel. “I don’t like seeing people act like headasses. Let’s watch something else.” He changed it to the cooking channel. While he just ate, this was a nice, entertaining alternative to the crazy reckless things that would surely send someone to the hospital. Roxanne took a drink, "so what was all of that at the portal room earlier? I only got there after everything went down." she asked, with a very slight tone of disappointment. Peridot sighed. “It was a lot, that’s for sure. Apparently we’ve come across a necromancer. Someone was controlling all of these skellies.” He glanced at her drink. “Hm... I ought to grab one of those myself.” Roxanne paused for a second, looking at Lucian and back at her drink, "...Are you sure you're old enough for something like this?" Peridot burst out laughing. “Do I look that young?" "Wait, how old are you?" "Twenty four," he replied, chuckling to himself. He had to admit, he did look a bit young for his age, but he had no idea he would be mistaken for a child. "Hell, I thought you were like, eighteen, nineteen. Not twenty four." She laughed before pausing for a second, "Regardless, it's honestly a bit early for someone like you to be drinking" "Eh, I usually have a small something after lunch, I never drink too heavy." Peridot paused as well. "Though honestly, shouldn't I be saying the same about you?" "nah, it's different for me." she said before taking another drink. "Hm," Peridot hummed. He got up and went to the fridge, taking out the rose that he usually liked to have in the afternoon. He poured himself about half of a serving and went back to the couch to relax. Nothing beat just sitting in front of a couch, watching television and enjoying a small glass of wine. Well, maybe a snack of cashews would have been good, but he currently was out of cashews. Ah, well. He sipped his wine and watched as someone accidentally burned themselves on the stove. "I knew that was going to happen," Peridot mused. "You'd think they'd be more careful.", Roxanne quipped. Peridot chuckled and sipped his drink carefully. "Yeah, I'd assume that too. You have no idea how many patients I've had in school that burned their hands making ramen. I oughtta say, I've had a lot of college kids come into the ER for the silliest of things. That's why I drink in moderation." Peridot chuckled. "But then again, I've seen first hand what it does."
  7. In the process of hunting and hatching some CB teas, I thought I had more of them but I guess not.
  8. Guess who had a successful 2nd gen purebred Gustitch breeding
  9. I'd be down for some purebred lines since mine should be an influenced pair, though I'd be willing to provide for any other 2nd gen I can possibly make
  10. Removed the changing egg gif from my signature. Hope you don't mind me stealing the way you have your badges spread Dark_Sama
  11. Golden Cult Like, I would figure that at least one other person would name a dragon that, but I guess it was destiny since the dragon's code is "CuLtT"
  12. gotta say, my Signature's starting to look pre-tty snazzy.
  13. My naming conventions are usually based on codes themselves, sometimes I'll give my dragons more personalized names, but basing them on the codes can make some very interesting and exotic names. I was actually originally going to title my Gustitch's "The Transmuted (name)" in reference to the fact they were changed. I may still see if I can fit those titles within the 32 character limit. but I'll drop them if not. (Still my personal favorite is one of my golds, Golden Cult, which I'm surprised wasn't taken. But this is starting to get off topic)
  14. I have a couple of "Gustitch" Mustys, influenced to be opposite genders https://dragcave.net/lineage/FvQ8w https://dragcave.net/lineage/GwmKq
  15. Heck, would be kind of neat to have super limited "prereleased" dragons, but oh well.
  16. To be fair that was on reasons pretty different to what we're talking about for these eggs. And both Old Pinks and the Frills came back last year's Birthday release IIRC
  17. Ended up abandoning a Glassy for a Gusty, so now i'm paired on each. Hopefully there isn't a surprise fourth egg, i'd have no Idea what to do then.
  18. Managed to get a singular Wind Gusts Egg, currently have a Glassy up for trade o get another one so I'll atleast have 2x2x2
  19. Whatever they are I had no luck getting one this drop
  20. Two Musks and 3 Glassies, Sadly can't get more because I have a few other eggs I don't want to get rid of, hopefully they're not difficult to get in the future.
  21. ~Roxanne "Blood Sugar" Scarlett - Fashionably Late~ Frantic clacking of heels halted by the time everything was over. Dust and debris covered the floor, "Hell, did I miss all the fun?" Blood Sugar pouted in a strong southern draw, blood drawing itself back into her arm from a deep red crystalline structure that encased her forearm. She slumped herself slightly, "And just as I got back too, damn the smokes.", She looked around for a bit, and took notice of the unfamiliar person next to Lucian. "Who's the new blood, Peridot?"
  22. ~Roxanne "Blood Sugar" Scarlett - Smoke Break~ Blood Sugar breathed out with a sigh, smoke billowing from her mouth. She had stepped out to a balcony for no reason other than to fuel an honestly expensive addiction. She tended to use this time to reflect on her current situation. Leaving Texas to go up north to New Jersey, fighting Lost Ones an a regular basis, seeing how many heads she could make turn a day, for better or for worse. It was still a new and interesting experience for her, and her job was fun. She figured she was just homesick and missed the constant trouble she would get into back at her estate. She figured she may as well head to base since she didn't have much else to do now that the cigarette had burned down to the bud. Blood Sugar snuffed it out and went on her way.