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  1. (spyro? AWWW YEEEAH) spyro bs. tiny tiger Type: Cynder isn't classic Spyro's girlfriend
  2. 8/10 cause its the same ol' thing....sorry
  3. laduaetmd Laggy Alpacas Die Using An Emulator Tied Monthly Daily whut efgjk
  4. um....goose? Put this in your sig: I like big dogs, I cannot lie
  5. Ummmmm this sounds really weird but... I know some pokemon, but I haven't played it (ninetails, fennekin, etc.) Could I still join, if you're accepting?
  6. I do believe that is a fine specimen of 2 headed dragon again! LOOK! A BALD EAGLE WITH A MOUSTACHE!
  7. this post...can only be seen by meee! I wish to become the queen of the world
  8. Poke meh I dare you (everybody likes moustaches are cool lol)
  9. nice 2 headed dragon >.> <.<