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  1. And when it ends, the last chocolate is eaten.
  2. All you need is love...in my pants whut
  3. Heya guys! I got a bone! Woof :U
  5. pewiirhdfs Ponies Eat Wild Ink Inmates Rating How Dinosaurs Fake Soup O.o jef4jmg
  6. HQHAHAAHA TPAM is going to puke a rainbow on october 2nd 2014
  7. "Let's go to the pound pound puppies..." Pound puppies legend of big paw
  8. Hello dere :U do you like cute chibi stuff? I can draw that. Here, you can request me to draw something chibi and I will try to draw it as good as I can! Want a chibi wolf? Done! A chibi kitty? Done! A baby dragon? Doney done done done done! (you can also consider it "baby"") Here are the rules. 1. Don't rush me. I won't finish it in 5 seconds. 2. You may put this in your signature! No need to give me credit! You can also use as your avatar! 3. I'm not a very good artist, so please don't expect GREEEEAT art! 4. I don't draw this on paper. I draw it on the computer. 5.Please read the list of stuff I can and can't draw<3 Stuff I can draw: Dogs/Wolves/Other canines Kitties Dragons Small animals, like mice Otters/minks (maybe) Weasels (maybe) Ferrets (maybe) Maybe some reptiles Now fill out this form to request! I want one! username: Is this an OC or just a random animal?: If an OC, what's their name? Do you want it in the pic?: Color? Looks? A picture would help!: Accesories or items?: Other: