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  1. Deep pit where the evil dark purple dragon lives.
  2. Mommy? Something bad happened to daddy!
  3. Are you looking at me? Waiter, there is a in my soup
  4. Then Athens comes along and peacefully smashes metaldragon with a statue
  5. Granted, but the only command he follows is "peck your head" I wish I had a new horse
  6. banned because you always change your avatar
  7. Granted, here's a box that has a big hole in it I wish to eat pie
  8. Both accepted! I'll try to have them up soon (I miiight have to submit them to dA)
  9. Banned because you also say ... at the end!
  10. iquriahogflk Iguanas Greatly Use Riding Animals Hovering Over Green Flies Licking Kites what the gjnmvkmv
  11. Then the pitbull became my friend and attacked the person above me
  12. Shiko was scared, but then it got worse. She heard a knock on the door. She hid her face in her wings. Suddenly, someone peeked in. "A-Aliko?" She asked, looking at her old friend. She last saw him when she was...maybe 11. "Hello, Shiko. Long time, no see!" Aliko said, walking over to Shiko. "How are you doing? It's cold out there. Veeery cold." "Yes, it is cold. I'm doing fine, thanks. Shiko put her cat ears back on and tried to keep warm with Aliko.