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  1. anweoieaingrarganl A Nodding Wolf Eats Oreos Icky Envying An Ice Nook Going Raking And Roaring Going Along Norway omg O_O j4iefkjm
  2. orsogfvcdm Or Riley Sat Only Greeting Fido Vicky Cassie Dieting Milk the heck .-. ejrrfrejw;p
  3. [The paper has a little yellow marking on it. It is slightly torn with a claw mark on it.] I was flying today when I spotted Dreaminess. You see, we were friends before, but shortly we became enemies. The little was flying toward me and I quickly dashed off. I hoped they wouldn't find me. Quickly, I swooped down and landed on the ground. I hid in some bushes while they hovered above me in the air. I peeked from the bushes, frightened, but knowing that they would finally leave eventually. The shook their head and flew off into the clouds. They seem to love clouds. Grr. Svenya
  4. I can just remember one was blue with a white marking on it and was was all green and they died it was back in october
  5. man I missed it! I have a picture of my friend's dog's eye
  6. Wait hold on, can I draw clockwork from sly cooper?
  7. [The paper is ripped slightly and it is written in brown ink.] I was going to go out and fly today, but I knew I had to guard my egg. My son or daughter was in that egg. I could not let anyone break it or harm the hatchling. I sniffed it, and it rolled over. I quickly picked it up and set it down, putting some leaves over it and sitting in front of it, looking tough. Suddenly, Kalup told me to come over. I followed her, hoping the egg would be safe. She hid behind a rock and told me something about Oceanie. She said he was acting skittish today. I was acting skittish if the egg would be gone! I told her that and walked over back to the egg, resting by a warm fire. Hopefully it wasn't gone and was still sitting there peceafully. I would attack the little that took it if it was no longer there. Brownite
  8. never tried sounds yum pineapple whip (if you've been to hawaii you might have had it)
  9. wellitwaswaytooshort Something like "I like cats and think the site is really cool!" wayyy too short
  10. He was a tiny bit hard to draw
  11. The paper has a little marking on it. It is blue and a bit shiny. I was just going to go out and see how Kalup was doing today. She was fine, which is good. I really don't know what to say here....hmmm....aha! Yesterday, while Brownite and I were practicing how to fight, I accidentally clawed Brownite in the eye! His eye hurt, but he wasn't too mad. Later, I decided to go see how everybody else was doing. But as I was walking toward one of my friends, something caught my eye. A piece of string with a pebble attached to it? This was a failed trap, I thought. I continued to walk over and say "hi" to everybody. Oceanie I stink at this