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  1. (sorry for absence) Kacy (and Liza) Kacy stood in front of Auran and twitched her ear. "Auran, c'mon, let's go see how Liza is." When Kacy said that, she heard a "Kiu!" Startled, Kacy ran over to go see what was going on. She stopped and stared at Liza. She looked frozen. Kacy poked her and asked her what happened. "Oh, don't worry. Kiu almost fell but I got him. Sorry if I scared you guys." Liza replied. Auran Auran stared at Kacy as she was talking and listened, but when he heard Kiu he dashed off as fast as he could. When he knew that Kiu was alright, he sighed in relief and looked at Kway. He lifted his paw for the little kitten to bat at. Kway Kway was startled when Kiu fell but was relieved when his mom caught him. Kiki Kiki snuggled up next to Kway and yawned. Kiu Kiu almost fell but felt better when he was caught. He walked over to Kway and Kiki and decided to take another nap. Liza She grabbed Kiki and Kiu in her jaws and hopped out of the box. She looked at Auran. "C'mon, Auran. Let's go find somewhere else to stay. Somewhere on the ground and still safe." Her voice was a bit muffled since she had kits in her jaws.
  2. Koda pulled back his ears and walked along, his tail dragging on the ground. He sniffed the air and lifted one paw when he stopped. When he continued walking, Koda started to think. Suddenly, he heard his stomach growl. He was hungry!
  3. Koda walked over to Feather and tucked his tail. "Well, Feather, is there anything for me to know? I'm a little confused right now..." Koda stared at his paws and pulled back his ears. " I'm a little new, so I just wanna make sure..." He lifted his head back up and raised his tail and ears a bit. ((Sorry if short post. On itouch. Also where is Sheika?))
  4. What is this hand doing here Waiter, there is a broken laptop in my soup!
  5. Sorry I was not active lately, both accepted
  6. [The page is perfectly neat and is green with blue handwriting.] Heya, journal. This is gonna be quick, OK. So, earlier today, I was taking a walk to go see what was up. But while I passed by the jungle, I saw the cutest egg ever. I decided to take it and have a new friend. Who was in that egg? Kalup
  7. let's stop worrying about computers and start worrying about human body (did anyone here watch oj)
  8. I didn't know what happened, I was really planting at the time...
  9. I am back! *throws a giant chocolate cake saying shiba's back*
  10. Yes, go to the beach. Poster, may I have a chocolate bar?