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  1. I'm definitely no architect, but this is a lot of fun. I'm still only level 13 I think...still working. It will be easier once I don't have to try and log in from my work computer.


    And..I managed to get one Holly egg that people keep mentioning. The egg is so pretty. I like all of these Christmas dragons a lot!

  2. I love the new dragons. They look cool and the description is great. I can't wait for my own to grow up. I too thought they were going to end up being somehow related to candy. Not that that would have been bad, but I like how these ended up a lot more than what I had in my head from the beginning.

  3. I attempted the zombie...all the adults have been dodging for days (good for them for wanting to live so badly). So...I killed a baby. OMG, I felt so bad, but I did get a baby zombie then.


    The new dragons are so pretty so far! I can't wait for my own to hatch and grow up.