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  1. WOW! These are gorgeous adults. Thank you!!
  2. Can't get anything yet, but that's ok - there is a whole day still. Merry Christmas!!
  3. Wow, there are some awesome designs here! Mine is...well, it's ok. I have no idea what I'm doing! I want to put all the things. Arvak's Snow Wars Fort
  4. I'm definitely no architect, but this is a lot of fun. I'm still only level 13 I think...still working. It will be easier once I don't have to try and log in from my work computer. And..I managed to get one Holly egg that people keep mentioning. The egg is so pretty. I like all of these Christmas dragons a lot!
  5. Ooh, this looks like a lot of fun!!
  6. Off to give it a "like." I don't use Facebook very often, but I try to like pages and groups that I enjoy. And as mentioned many times - gorgeous artwork. It's really beautiful!
  7. It's still pretty lovely out, even for 10pm. It was near 70 today. Too bad it's supposed to drop to 20s-30s with rain/snow/ice for the next few days. I'm not a huge winter fan.
  8. Wow, so pretty. I am happy I managed to grab some of these; they are lovely.
  9. I don't know if that counts as something that should be here or not, but I was pretty excited - I got my bronze trophy! Whee!! More babies for me now.
  10. I love the new dragons. They look cool and the description is great. I can't wait for my own to grow up. I too thought they were going to end up being somehow related to candy. Not that that would have been bad, but I like how these ended up a lot more than what I had in my head from the beginning.
  11. I, Arvak, agree that if it has a face, it has a name.
  12. I attempted the zombie...all the adults have been dodging for days (good for them for wanting to live so badly). So...I killed a baby. OMG, I felt so bad, but I did get a baby zombie then. The new dragons are so pretty so far! I can't wait for my own to hatch and grow up.
  13. Happy Halloween!! These eggs are quite pretty, in an evil sort of way that is! Thanks to everyone that makes these dragons possible. I love them so much!
  14. After a very disappointing ending to the World Series for me-I'm happy to have these new dragons to look forward to. All the excitement from everyone here on the forums sure is contagious!
  15. My new fortune, "Reply Hazy, try again." Very fitting since the fog was so thick this morning I could barely see the car in front of me as I was on my way to work.
  16. Finally got all the candies! It's hard to pick a fave...I think I like the fish best (both of them). I like fish. I'm excited for a new dragon! Can't wait to see it.
  17. Wee, I finished the maze and I have a few pieces of candy. This is fun!
  18. Chilly and windy! High near 50F - I prefer warmer weather!
  19. I'm going to go ahead and throw a thank you out there too, even though I had no idea about any changes at all, but this must be a good thing, so I thank you.
  20. Test #1: ISTJ Test #2: Most Likely: ISTJ or Second Possibility: INTP or Third Possibility: ESTJ At least I was consistent. I hope this helps.
  21. Game: Skyrim - yup still playing Death: The ever annoying - jumping from a height that I thought was safe and was not! I was even on a horse, but I guess it was weak or something, because the horse went down and I was dead.
  22. I too am from Missouri, USA. Not much to say about it though.