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  1. What a fun Halloween! I love the Dragon Trick or Treating and the new Halloween biome is a super sweet surprise. The new little eggs/tricks to catch on site are so cute and wonderful! <3
  2. I was a little disappointed at first because nothing makes me feel stupider than Minesweeper. Lol. But holy cow I actually beat it!! My brain hurts. Now, back to trick or treating!
  3. http://dragcave.net/lineage/ZTcDG Oh my goodness - my first ever chickie!!
  4. Woo! I got the Magikarp badge. Finally. Hee hee.
  5. Happy happy (late) birthday Dragon Cave!!
  6. Finally got the gold trophy!! Woo hoo - moar dragons!
  7. Really cute story and a fun event!! Thank you to all involved in creating it for us to enjoy! <3
  8. This little game was so cute!! <3 I really had a good time with the Holiday Party this year.
  9. Merry Christmas!! <3 Caught one so far...still trying. I hope everyone has a wonderful holiday!
  10. I got a Leetle Tree! Woo! And then a little bit later a Dino.
  11. *Sigh* I can't believe I missed out. My fault. I'm still sad. They are really cool.
  12. Whew! Didn't think I'd make it. I was so very late to the event. I started about 10pm last night! Just caught my final egg. They are all so pretty!!
  13. Thank you! Merry (late) Christmas everyone.
  14. This is a lot of fun! Thank you!
  15. Woo! I got 2 - an adult male and a hatchie male. I successfully revived 1 to it's original state and 2 disintegrated. I forgot about zombies, so I didn't have many to try and turn, but I'm happy I got two.
  16. I'm glad to see more treats coming out.
  17. Hmm...very interesting!! I only have the magma, so I can't summon the Guardian yet, but I look forward to being able to summon one and then try for one of these beautiful new breeds! Fun fun! Happy Birthday Dragon Cave!!!! <3
  18. Ooooh, these are lovely!!
  19. Wow! These are both great! I can't wait for mine to grow up.
  20. Sweet! I'll have fun trying to catch them. Thank you!
  21. Oh, I love gardening - this should be a lot of fun!
  22. My first Valentine's Day event. I've seen some of the past dragons on people's scrolls and I am looking forward to trying to catch a few. They have been some of the prettiest dragons I've seen.