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  1. now that I've got examples up, I'm open for requests! Feel free to send them in!
  2. -RESERVED- in case I need to put anything else
  3. [ QUEUE ] Request slots: 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. Art for Eggs (CURRENTLY CLOSED): 1. 2. 3. 4. 5.
  4. [ EXAMPLES OF MY WORK ] [ Sketches ] Sketches are loosely lined and loosely colored images. Shading is optional! Other Examples [ Flatcolor ] Flatcolor images have clean lineart with clean coloring. Other Examples [ Shaded ] Shaded images are fully colored, lined, and shaded images. Other Examples [ More options coming soon! ] ((in the meantime, check out my deviantart, http://elsens.deviantart.com
  5. ART STATUS: REQUESTS: OPEN, for a limited time! ART FOR EGGS/HATCHLINGS: CLOSED, will be open shortly! [ What You'll Find here ] General ArtworkFree RequestsArt for Eggs -General Artwork- As a formal introduction, you can call me Mark, and drawing is a past time for me. To see examples of my work, see the post below. I've been on dragcave since 2009, and have been active on and off for years. I was mainly active in 2009-2010, 2013-early 2014, and now I'm back here, right at the tail end of 2015. I made my first appearance on the forums in 2013, and now I'm back, to try and keep myself active in drawing. I'm not a stranger to forum art, and I thought this would be a good way on practicing drawing dragons/characters in general! I'll use this thread as a sort of archive of my general dragon art, as I try to learn how to draw these little guys. -Requests- As a way to kick off this thread, I thought I'd open requests! STRENGTHS: Canines Felines Feral/Anthro Dragons Animals in general WEAKNESSES: humans - I'm very, very weak on humans, I am able to do them, but they are by far not my strongest point mecha humanoids- the more humanlike, the weaker I am Feel free to requests dragons, OCs, and anything else based on the list above! To make a request, please fill out this form: Forum name: Character/dragon you'd like: (please provide a CLEAR reference for any character, or link any dragon you'd like) Type of art: (pixel? drawing? icon? chibi? what would you like? please pick an art type from below) Headshot/half/fullbody: (please pick one) General idea for pose/expression/mood: (do you want the character to be happy? upset? doing something?) Anything else?: (anything else you'd like to add?) PLEASE NOTE: I do these requests in my free time. I have the right to cancel a request at any time, deny any request, and take as long as I'd like. I also have the right to change the type of artwork I do (for example, if you request a flatcolored full image, I may only do a bust or headshot due to time constraints, but I will do my best to do the art type requested!) I may miss details or markings on a character, and I may alter the general idea provided. Quite simply, I am human and doing a service for you for free. Although I will do my best to meet the guidelines set above in a timely manner, things might not come out as requested. -Art for Eggs/hatchlings- I also will draw for eggs/hatchlings! POLICIES: -I will not begin work until I have received the egg/hatchling. -You are allowed as many revisions until you are happy with the final product. -Please allow up to 3 weeks turnaround time. -You may use my artwork for whatever you like, so long as I am given credit. Artwork for eggs/hatchlings is based on a trade system. You may offer any of the list above for any type of artwork, depending on what you think it's worth. Please note that I am allowed to refuse an offer if I do not think it is worth the artwork I am providing for it. EGGS/HATCHLINGS I AM LOOKING FOR (ranked most wanted to least wanted): CB Metallics (Silver>Gold>Coppers) CB Legendary Trio (Magma>Ice>Thunder) Cheese Dragons Paper Dragons Prize dragons, low gen CB Xenowyrms CB Blusang Lindwurms CB Almandine/spessartine Pyralsprites Any of the Avatar dragons, low gen CB Purple Lindwurms CB Red dragons (I'm looking to build an army of 100 strong reds) CB gemshards Alt undine hatchlings Please note for the list above, I will also accept low generations of the dragons above as well, WITH THE EXCEPTION OF purple lindwurms, red dragons, and gemshard dragons. They're just less desired. To offer an egg/hatchling for artwork, please fill out this form: Forum Name: Offering: (link the egg/hatchling here) Dragon/character: (please link a CLEAR reference of your OC or dragon here) Type of artwork: (please pick a type of artwork) Headshot/half/fullbody: (please pick one) General idea for pose/expression/mood: (happy character? sad character? what do you want them to be doing?) Anything else?: (anything else you'd like to add?) If you have any questions at all, please ask me! Thank you!
  6. Tulpa

    Sad songs

    Wings for marie parts 1 and 2 by tool have got to be the two saddest songs I know. And mad world by Gary jules is more of an ambient sad, imo.
  7. hard to pick a favorite band, but I'd have to say either disturbed, metallica, or tool. Though, I gotta say, it's been a while since I really listened to metal. I've moved into other genres, and really enjoy indie rock/bands *v*
  8. I really enjoy the new biomes in this update ;o; especially mesas. And acacia wood. <3
  9. I'll keep an eye out then! c: I'll have to try skyblock again; I did one once but lost the island for whatever reason...
  10. I'll have to try that out then, thanks!
  11. Sorry, but I can't stand any country. I've yet to find a song that wasn't about love, his/her clothes, his/her cars/tractors, or how much his/her life sucks. I'm sure these aren't the only subjects ever written about in the genre of country, but gosh do I not like it.
  12. A perfect circle will always be my fave, followed by tool, puscifer, and robert delong c:
  13. I love minecraft personally. I'm Synco_Tulpa over there! Also, if anyone could recommend some good vanilla survival servers that'd be great! I play over on lichcraft but it's pretty crowded so a new place to check out would be awesome c: (I have my own private server for my friends and I, but we'd like a more open place if that makes sense?)
  14. engineer is my main class and I'm 99% of the time engie then I'll sometimes play as pyro or scoot lmao
  15. dinos cannot turn into zombies! As far as I can tell
  16. By and Down- A Perfect Circle Moving in and out of the shadows. It's no easier mission, Holding on to how I picture you. Showing only bits and pieces, Till the tide betrays you, And your empty elocution. Searching your eyes for a hint or a trace of humility. Searching your eyes for the saint is an act of futility. Searching your eyes for a hint or a trace of it. Searching your eyes for humility. Searching your eyes for a hint or a trace, I'm still searching, searching. Showing only bits and pieces, Till the life betrays you, And your empty elocution. Rode the Piper by and down the river. Carcass crippled underneath, The pounding waves of adoration. Pied Piper float on down the river. Bloated carcass crippled me, The weight of adoration. Moving in and out of the shadows. It's no easy mission, Holding on to how I pictured you.
  17. my first rare dragon was a male vampire dragon from the abandoned page, and is by far my favorite dragon <3