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  1. I don't think that was shaming, otherwise that would mean that you would be doing the same thing with your statement.
  2. I guess my definition of competitive is just higher than the average then. Regardless, my point was that if somebody wanted a dragon enough they could get one just from being on the website, depending on how much time they spend looking they might even find one in a few days, and yes I mean metallics as well; two of the ones I mentioned were these. On the other hand with events such as these the only way anyone could ever get an upside down mint is through trading, and like many other people said they aren't being traded for things a "mere Mint" would be traded for.
  3. I don't think that counts as a competition, I have seen at least 10 rares in the last two days of being on for about ten minutes max clicking once through every biome, most of them remained for a good twenty seconds. Even then they would have plenty of chances of stealing them later, or at least getting bred ones. The competition here is nothing compared to what it is in many other games.
  4. This website is hardly something I would call competitive... As for things becoming mundane, why should I care? I don't have it in the first place so I would still benefit. That is just selfish thinking.
  5. This thinking goes both ways, just like some people might shame people for getting things others shame people for complaining about them as well. One group of people has at least some reason to do so as if the event is permanent they will have forever missed out on something, regardless of how insignificant it may seem, the other group just wants to keep their newfound prize special. Honestly, I have yet to see any actual real shaming occur.
  6. There was no hidden suggestion, I meant exactly what was written, you merely interpreted it as having some other meaning.
  7. You haven't spoiled it, I would be much happier if that were the truth.
  8. In my defense the game wasn't even Prisoner's Dilemma honestly. The person who blames should always have an advantage over the other person, or at least the same result, which is better than being blamed and not saying anything, yet here either option results in being eaten if blamed.
  9. It was a response to fuzzbucket, I forgot to quote them.
  10. Since you are complaining about people who say that the event is not fair, what if all of the eggs you got from the event are removed? Life isn't fair right? So why shouldn't it be unfair to you as well?
  11. From what I recall staying silent is actually the worst choice you could make, unless you know the person in question well enough that you could trust them to stay silent as well.
  12. Yes, after all half of the people who got their eggs got them by blaming somebody else.
  13. I hope they remove them, this event was horrible...
  14. So the moral of the event is to be a jerk and then a small percentage of those jerks will be rewarded for being paired with nice people? Nice... Prisoner's dilemma, the only sane choice is obvious.
  15. I don't suppose that there is a way to redo the story?
  16. Great, now I cannot go back to the altar...
  17. Don't tell me that I have to kill the poor spider...
  18. How do you get up the cliff with the horse? I tried everything that I could think of.
  19. I have no idea how to get out of the start...
  20. I went into a zone where I cannot even move from the lag, ohh well.
  21. When I said that people should not breed chickens if they do not have room for all of them I meant exactly what I wrote. Saying that hens are preferable to roosters because they lay eggs is absurd when both are energy inefficient in the first place simply by being heterotrophs. If someone actually cared about the maximum amount of food they could produce they would not be raising animals. The overcrowding is in no way the fault of the chickens, it is the fault of their breeders. So once again saying that slaughtering them is for their own good is absurd, especially when considering that
  22. Culling is very cruel and is in no way humane. Killing something after only a few months when it can live up to 15 years or more is not a long life. Not to mention that many bulls are kept in tiny pens barely larger than themselves, some life that is... Even when you claim that the animal can give milk/eggs for a while so it doesn't get killed immediately, that only applies to what, 50% of the population? There is a reason they are called dairy cows, as you know the males cannot produce it. If farmers complain about the work they put into their animals perhaps they should realise that livestoc