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On the Hunt: In need of a 2G Gold x Ice to be the mate to Leacinna. PM if available, please. <3Dreamlist: A Valentine IOU. <3 I have been on DC since '09 and I have never been able to catch one. (Just my luck, eh?) I'm willing to bred/catch what I can. ^_^~-=-~ Scroll ~-=-~~-+-~ Wishlist ~-+-~zN6YIuO.pngPsMiih9.png11sm5fn.jpg

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    --If you have any of these, I will consider the offer regardless of the dragon species I am offering.--

    Key - any gender/color/lineage/etc. if not specified

    **Pyralsprite (Any)
    Prize x Pillow 2G (I can dream Q-Q)
    Prize x Pillow below 6G
    Tinsel or Shimmer below 6G
    PB 2G Green Copper
    2G Gold x Ice (vice-versa)
    CB/Pretty Lineaged Metal
    CB/Short Lineaged Trio
    CB/PB Nebula
    CB/PB Pillow
    CB/PB Black (Alts are loved)
    Any BSA dragons

    IOU List:

    2/12 CB Pillows - kitari13 -- Not responding to PMs (Inactive)
    1/3 Tinsel/Shimmer Offspring - oragon