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  1. I have - 3G Mistletoe x Royal Blue with ALT MISTLETOE! I need - 2G Mistletoe from Bronze Lunar, 2G Yulebuck from Hellfire. Offer here or PM me! I can add if I need to! https://dragcave.net/teleport/b90e98bb00c055fab87c4e6f0a587a11
  2. So erm... What would stop me from massing a large amount of messy golds, and systematically freezing CB gold hatchlings so I could freeze swap and then have 24 cb gold hatchlings all at once? That seems a bit.. overkill. Unless you mean the hatchling would immediately grow up on your scroll, and not merely become unfrozen?
  3. More people can take hatchlings than they can eggs, and people can also freeze hatchlings. Way easier to get rid of a hatchling wall than an egg wall.
  4. Last year... with the witchlights. The one that I watched the end of the wall happen......? o.o And yes, hon, I've been through enough holidays to know they take priority *hands over a cookie* I -really- really hope there's no purge, Ive never heard of one for a Halloween and oh boy, that'd be sad as I'm still hunting and many of my friends are looking through them and hatching them as well.
  5. The highest time Halloween eggs are roughly an hour above the AP right now. Last year, the Halloween wall stayed a week. I don't think purgings necessary.. We can totally dig through the wall. I'm popping all the eggs I can get my hands on into Valley Sherwood.
  6. I am literally crying tears of joy. I've been hunting this one or it's siblings. My friends in the Discord? We caught all three siblings and this one's mine and *cries happy tears* It'll be female!!
  7. The websites gone very slowly for me... off and on. I'll get times where I have to wait 30seconds to a minute before a click registers, other times it refreshes like before the halloween event.. Lag's made hunting for things quite a bit more difficult than normal difficult.
  8. HAVE: 6x CB Omen Hatchlings. WANT: Offers, PM me please.
  9. You can't really claim people can't hoard, though, without considering trading. It's still an aspect that will be affected by this, peoples ability to trade for eggs and hatchlings means they end up hoarding and others go without who wanted. *shrugs* Hoarding is an issue, and though you may trade, or not, it's still a factor in the hoarding all teh [insert holiday dragon here.] I've been gifting/trading and while I've had an insane about of these hatchlings, I'll be keeping only 8. I know quite a few who are keeping way more.
  10. I'll just sneak in here and throw out that I've had to my name around... hmm. 27ish new CB hatchlings? Ish. I don't feel like mathing to get an exact, but 22 I know I had and then I've caught a few today.. Of course, not all at the same time, but trading IOUs... Have you seen how many Desipis PieMaster has? Scroll limits don't always guarantee that thats the max someone can actually get. I still prefer the limit stays in some way or form, really. I've seen a few suggestions here I would be OK with, such as the limit for the first year and then none for the second (Still my favorite as I feel that addresses everyones concerns)
  11. You didn't say breed or gender constraint, you said breeding constraint. So my point stands. As a gender constraint, I think, sure, for 'basic site' dragons, as you put it, people don't do that, but for the holidays, I for one want it kept. Just like I would hate to suggest that the breeding mechanic for celestials are changed. I guess for me, I see no issue with something being different than how the 'basic site' works. I've said my piece here, and I know I'm not the only conceptor/alt owner/spriter/etc who feels this way. I don't see how this helps the site other than trying to make them like everything else. And Snows are male, and I want them to stay that way. If there are unlimited rereleases, I'll maybe reconsider.. maybe. I do not promise my answer would change. I would like for the holidays, if rereleased, to stay the gender they were originally.
  12. But as someone else said, that's before the dragon was added to the site. A little different than dragons that have already been implemented and added and have lore (for all that it hasn't been added to the Encyclopedia yet), that TJ has already approved. Design constraints? People could submit dragons and request CBs be both male and female, if they so chose. Not sure how well that'd work (I have no idea why TJ picks what TJ picks so I couldn't say if it would or not), but they could do so. I actually like that tradition, and would be very sad to see it go, and I've stated my opinions on the Snows. Based of what Cyradis said, I'm not the only one who feels this way. I suppose I don't see any unnecessary breeding or design restraints. I suppose, if I stretch it, maybe. But then, if I stretch it, golds not giving us gold eggs all the time, or the Celestial breeding mechanism could be classified under the unnecessary breeding restraints... I don't think they do at all, don't get me wrong! Just thoughts.
  13. I -love- the new Omens. They're gorgeous! Definitely one of my new favorites.
  14. This happened to me on mobile last week - Only time it's actually ever happened to me, actually, and I'm on mobile a lot. I don't know if I was logged in/logged out, etc though
  15. I use an LG G6. The bottom row of the AP gets cut off a bit without scrolling down. I -can- technically click on the eggs but I've also hit the home/back/etc buttons instead too.. A way to reduce the text on top for the AP on mobile would be amazing.
  16. And as the conceptor of the Snows... I'd really prefer they didn't. If the argument was to allow all -bred- holidays to be either gender.. then.. Well, I wouldn't really care. But CBs? I mean.. I designed the concept thinking of them as male. Maybe I'd reconsider IF holidays were rereleased with no limits. But I'm still not liking the idea. I'd have to seriously talk with Infi but.. yeah. I dont like the idea of female CB Snows.
  17. So I'm trying to enter the raffle, and the page just refreshes for me and doesn't actually enter me, even though it shows I've raised 3/3 dragons. Any help? EDIT - Apparently mobile works, though, so I am entered now but.. eeps! That was concerning.
  18. Just due to the last 20 minutes/etc being an issue and having no eggs drop, it would be nice if it could be extended a bit, but 1am for DC time (on the 2nd, as for the 1st has passed) would mean people (myself included) could get another batch of cb halloweens and that's no bueno. Not sure what TJ'll do. The event and biome were wonderful, and I'm super grateful that everything worked out this holiday, so I'm sure he'll think of something.
  19. Literally made me cringe away from my computer.
  20. I hope it comes back... I know its painful for those who intended to get their eggs the last hour and then... glitch, and nope! Definitely wanna make sure people get them.