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One Potato to rule them all, One Potato to find them,One Potato to bring them all, and in the darkness bind them.

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    I am the Corgi Knight. Fear me.
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    Shoot me a PM if you'd like, I love to chat and if I have forgotten an IOU? I'll make it right.

    Yes, I have alts. Yes, they're lovely (Infinis did a freaking amazing job <3)

    Unfortunately, last time I tried to manage a list, I got overwhelmed and had to quit. I don't intend to do that this time! So I'll be trading eggs as they come. I don't mind hearing breeding ideas for them. Please Note - I will not breed my Snows with Celestials or Monarchs. Rares won't be offered in IOUs though those eggs may show up one week when I'm bored.

    Potential Upcoming Mates for Trades
    Blue Lunar (When it's that time of the month) - Notify Toyo
    Stripe - Notify Raphy
    White - (For Discord giveaway)

    IOU Policy - I'm reluctant to take IOUs unless I've spoken with you extensively, have seen you around a lot, or know you through a friend. Doesn't mean I won't, but if you can provide references for an IOU, you'll be much better off.

    My alts are not taking lists. That means I won't accept any offers on eggs I don't currently have unless I've initiated the trade and offered that.

    I'll hold the eggs for an IOU for 48 hours after sending the link.