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.My Scroll ~Want a 3G checker with a snow alt? Then you are in luck! I'm looking for 2G Snows this winter, and in exchange I'll breed the snow a mate from my alt and you'd get the first baby! PM me~ 

~Trading my snow alts Halloween eggs for 2G prize or **new halloween hatchlings**, or best offer. PM me.~


One Potato to rule them all, One Potato to find them,One Potato to bring them all, and in the darkness bind them.

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    Behind you! MWUAHAHA
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    First off, hi! I'm back after a long hiatus, so yeah, I may have forgotten things. Shoot me a PM if you'd like, I love to chat and if I have forgotten an IOU? I'll make it right.

    Update - Pacten and Nethzarius are my lovely alts.

    Welp. I am not holding a list anymore. BUT - you are welcome to make offers or let me know if you want to be notified when I have an egg to trade. I won't really be trading the Halloween babes (With Desipis) until I have them unless I get an offer from another alt.

    Wishlist -

    Albino - Male
    Antarean - Male/Female
    Aria - Female
    Astrapi Xenowyrm - Male/Female

    Balloon - Male
    Black Capped Teimarr - Female
    Black Tea - Female
    Bleeding Moon - Male/Female
    Blue Dino
    Blusang - Female
    Bolt - Female
    Bright Breasted Wyvern - Male/Female
    Brimstone - Female

    Candelabra - Male
    Canopy - Male/Female
    Celestial - Male/Female
    Coastal Waverunner - Male/Female
    Copper (Rainbow) - Female
    Copper (Sulfur) - Female
    Copper (Verdigris) - Male
    Crimson Flare Pygmy - Male

    Dark Myst Pygmy - Male
    Day Glory Drake - Male
    Daydream - Male
    Deep Sea - Male/Female
    Red Dorsal - Male/Female
    Duotone - Female

    Ember - Female

    Flamingo - Male/Female

    Gilded Bloodscale - Male
    Greater Spotted Drake - Male/Female
    Guardian - Male/Female

    Hooktalon - Male/Female
    Horse - Male/Female
    Howler Drake - Female

    Imperial Fleshcrowne - Male/Female

    Lunar Harold (gold) - Female
    Lunar Harold (silver) - Female
    Lunar Harold (bronze) - Male
    Lunar Harold (indigo) - Male/Female

    Magelight Pygmy - Male/Female
    Magi - Male
    Misfit Pygmy - Male
    Morphodrake - Female

    Neotropical - Female
    Nexus - Male/Female
    Night Glory Drake - Male/Female
    Nilia Pygmy - Male
    Nocturne - Male

    Ochredrake - Male
    Olive - Male/Female

    Pillow - Female
    Purple - Female

    Ridgewing (Purple) - Male/Female

    Sapphire - Female
    Seasonal (Spring) - Male/Female
    Seasonal (Summer) - Male/Female
    Seawyrm Pygmy - Female
    Seragamma - Male/Female
    Skywing - Male/Female
    Specklethroated - Male/Female
    Spirit Ward - Female
    Spitfire - Male/Female
    Spotted Greenwing - Male
    Stone - Female
    Striped - Male
    Sunrise - Female
    Sunsong Amphiptere - Male/Female
    Sunstone - Male/Female
    Swallowtail - Male/Female

    Tarantula Hawk - Male/Female
    Terrae - Female
    Thalassa Xenowyrm - Female
    Tri-Horn - Male
    Tsunami - Female
    Turpentine - Female
    Two-headed - Male/Female
    Two-headed Lindworm (Blue) - Female

    Undine - Male

    Water - Male
    Water Horse - Male
    Whiptail - Male

    Yellow Crowned - Male/Female

    I also typically love EG prizes and pretty lineages - Neglecteds will never be turned down, and I'm also very tempted by dragons descended from spriters alts.