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.My Scroll ~Want a 3G checker with a snow alt? Then you are in luck! I'm looking for 2G Snows this winter, and in exchange I'll breed the snow a mate from my alt and you'd get the first baby! PM me~ 


One Potato to rule them all, One Potato to find them,One Potato to bring them all, and in the darkness bind them.

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    I am the Corgi Knight. Fear me.
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    Shoot me a PM if you'd like, I love to chat and if I have forgotten an IOU? I'll make it right.

    Yes, I have alts. Yes, they're lovely (Infinis did a freaking amazing job <3)

    Unfortunately, last time I tried to manage a list, I got overwhelmed and had to quit. I don't intend to do that this time! So I'll be trading eggs as they come. I don't mind hearing breeding ideas for them. Please Note - I will not breed my Snows with Celestials or Monarchs. Rares won't be offered in IOUs though those eggs may show up one week when I'm bored.

    Potential Upcoming Mates for Trades
    Blue Lunar (When it's that time of the month) - Notify Toyo
    Stripe - Notify Raphy
    White - (For Discord giveaway)

    IOU Policy - I'm reluctant to take IOUs unless I've spoken with you extensively, have seen you around a lot, or know you through a friend. Doesn't mean I won't, but if you can provide references for an IOU, you'll be much better off.

    My alts are not taking lists. That means I won't accept any offers on eggs I don't currently have unless I've initiated the trade and offered that.

    I'll hold the eggs for an IOU for 48 hours after sending the link.

    Wishlist -

    Albino - Male
    Antarean - Male/Female
    Aria - Female
    Astrapi Xenowyrm - Male/Female

    Balloon - Male
    Black Capped Teimarr - Female
    Black Tea - Female
    Bleeding Moon - Male/Female
    Blue Dino
    Blusang - Female
    Bolt - Female
    Bright Breasted Wyvern - Male/Female
    Brimstone - Female

    Candelabra - Male
    Canopy - Male/Female
    Celestial - Male/Female
    Coastal Waverunner - Male/Female
    Copper (Rainbow) - Female
    Copper (Sulfur) - Female
    Copper (Verdigris) - Male
    Crimson Flare Pygmy - Male

    Dark Myst Pygmy - Male
    Day Glory Drake - Male
    Daydream - Male
    Deep Sea - Male/Female
    Red Dorsal - Male/Female
    Duotone - Female

    Ember - Female

    Flamingo - Male/Female

    Gilded Bloodscale - Male
    Greater Spotted Drake - Male/Female
    Guardian - Male/Female

    Hooktalon - Male/Female
    Horse - Male/Female
    Howler Drake - Female

    Imperial Fleshcrowne - Male/Female

    Lunar Harold (gold) - Female
    Lunar Harold (silver) - Female
    Lunar Harold (bronze) - Male
    Lunar Harold (indigo) - Male/Female

    Magelight Pygmy - Male/Female
    Magi - Male
    Misfit Pygmy - Male
    Morphodrake - Female

    Neotropical - Female
    Nexus - Male/Female
    Night Glory Drake - Male/Female
    Nilia Pygmy - Male
    Nocturne - Male

    Ochredrake - Male
    Olive - Male/Female

    Pillow - Female
    Purple - Female

    Ridgewing (Purple) - Male/Female

    Sapphire - Female
    Seasonal (Spring) - Male/Female
    Seasonal (Summer) - Male/Female
    Seawyrm Pygmy - Female
    Seragamma - Male/Female
    Skywing - Male/Female
    Specklethroated - Male/Female
    Spirit Ward - Female
    Spitfire - Male/Female
    Spotted Greenwing - Male
    Stone - Female
    Striped - Male
    Sunrise - Female
    Sunsong Amphiptere - Male/Female
    Sunstone - Male/Female
    Swallowtail - Male/Female

    Tarantula Hawk - Male/Female
    Terrae - Female
    Thalassa Xenowyrm - Female
    Tri-Horn - Male
    Tsunami - Female
    Turpentine - Female
    Two-headed - Male/Female
    Two-headed Lindworm (Blue) - Female

    Undine - Male

    Water - Male
    Water Horse - Male
    Whiptail - Male

    Yellow Crowned - Male/Female

    I also typically love EG prizes and pretty lineages - Neglecteds will never be turned down, and I'm also very tempted by dragons descended from spriters alts.