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  1. Happy Holidays everyone! I found this post from 2012 with a lot of recipes. I hope it will be helpful for most of us: list of recipes.
  2. It was my first one too! 😂
  3. Claim my 3G Chrono egg: link for one way teleport here 🎁 Nobody wanted it so it went to AP
  4. Thank you, blackdragonqueen! I took the first one. Thanks to you I completed the raffle requirement, now I have to wait for them to grow up 😊
  5. I managed to grab 2 glassies and 4 muskies. The last ones were pretty hard to catch! Now they're all incubated, influenced and I can't wait to see how the hatchlings will look like!
  6. sage19

    Z Project

    CB Pygmy egg with ZDJDC code. https://dragcave.net/teleport/784ed38f0c2cbf2951adaa1a92fa2b3b Gone. Enjoy!
  7. sage19

    Z Project

    Thunder Z code egg Code: zccbF http://dragcave.net/teleport/39c2b3116a0f3...6e3ee05f8b7dd2d Enjoy, LumosSeeker148
  8. Happy Valentine's Day to everyone and thank you for this event, TJ
  9. "sage19" - Sage is a name of a character from "Gossip Girl". I picked it because it sounds nice 19 is my lucky number
  10. Congratulations to you all! I got my third Dino yesterday
  11. This one --> Neil Patrick Harris
  12. I saw (for the first time) an open spot to sign up for a Thuwed. I started to think which pair of dragons from the list I should choose. When I finally decided, they have all been full. I am angry with myself for not choosing a "random egg" option when it still was available.
  13. HaWkS http://dragcave.net/view/haWkS
  14. We are staring at the screen.
  15. My Chemical Romance - The sharpest lives