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  1. Best holiday I've had on this site. Thanks to the help of a very nice person I finally got a mate for one of my few golds . The lucky pair of dragons are her, and him. My first breeding pair of rare dragons too. I feel like I hit a good milestone this holiday. And so excited, almost time for the valentine drop. Only a few more days.
  2. I've been for the last hour :/. Either my luck is plain terrible tonight or noone has anything to breed. Meanwhile, all i got to breed that will look nice are my radiant angel dragons.
  3. D: I missed the breeding start. Now I'll have to wait another year for an 09 val x gold 2nd gen. At least I haven't missed the release yet. *phew*
  4. Gratz to the winners so far and the winners to be ~Off topic chat removed. Please take trading and gifting to the Trading section.~
  5. didn't win :/. there goes all hope for any good trading i had for this entire year... the trading prices are simply outrageous. how am i expected to finish all my pretty lines if i cant even get the dragons i need D: which reminds me, back to the val 09 x gold iou hunt. Gratz to all the winners.
  6. The suspense, its killing me D:. the prize pool is so big this year. my hopes just shot through my ceiling and hit a plane... hmm, what i do if i won? idk, i like pretty lines. ill probably breed up to 7th and trade the 8th gen eggys for rares and such. 8th may not seem that rare but it is if im the only one with a 7th
  7. you dont even have to buy or download one. say you have a single player world that you want to make a multiplayer world. simply replace with map data from the automatically generated mp world with the single player world and itll work just fine.
  8. skyrim, metro last light redux, league of legends, clash of clans, dragcave , bayonetta, bayonetta 2, super mario 3d world, cod advanced warfare, minecraft, fallout new vegas, goat sim, portal 2, and tf2. but thats just a small selection of games ive been playing latley to stave off boredom
  9. Happy New Years from Arkansas
  10. Lol. Tj's eggs have the codes snowbl and fight. Love it. Surprisingly though I already got my 2 eggs caves feel empty or is that just me though? Could've sworn each had 100+ people still in them this time last year.
  11. i simply love blood-star rubys, not to mention rubys are my birthstone. although a nice blue or clear diamond is simply divine. but gigantic geodes are so pretty <3 so tough to decide which is my favorite though :/
  12. loving the story so far. cant wait to see the epilogue to chapter 5 :3 meanwhile im also enjoying mana alchemy. fun little puzzle game. maybe make it an app for iphone and android at some point after the holiday? id love to continue to play after the event.
  13. i love it when people do that. makes me feel like the hours i spent making a name for each dragon in a pair was worth it. of course, its also fun to do it your self, like this guy i was fortunate enough to trade for https://dragcave.net/lineage/IQQae
  14. hmm, id have to say hollys are much better. compareing breeding pools id have to say cb holys have a much smaller active breeding pool for 2nd gens, whereas prizes are given out each year and can breed year round compared to a holy that can only breed holys once a year. sure holys give about 4 eggs during the season but prizes are so much more common due to breeding year round.
  15. wow the ap is still super full of Halloween eggs! wish i could risk hatching my eggs so i can go catch more but i have to wait on a pink to finish its cooldown so i can gender my last egg :/
  16. dat encyclopedia spoiler doh :/ just got one egg and it tells the name and gives a shadow of the dragon. now i want to see it more D: oh, and 2 of my 5 zombie fodder turned
  17. so close to drop time so excited to add a new dragon to my smallish collection. i guess ill join in the bandwagon too :3 grave > shadow walker > marrow > pumpkin > cavern lurker (vampire dont count. didnt even get my first vamp on Halloween anyway )
  18. what happened to all the Halloween eggs. holiday wall = dead :/ on the other hand i did get to breed my graves and got a 2nd gen shadow walker and a pumpkin that's easy to continue
  19. Does anyone know if this will affect mobile as well or just desktop? I would love these new feature but I'm not sure if these will be for mobile.
  20. Taking: nothing Leaving: 4th even gen pb black egg. Comes from fully named and themed line. Lineage Claim my eggs/hatchlings!
  21. Browsing the cave for pygmys for a lineage project and I stumble onto this beautiful paper dragon <3 I even caught it on my phone! https://dragcave.net/lineage/KSTjm and I love the code, reminds me of a radio station for some reason.
  22. This would make tracking which dragons I already have really easy. Would also be nice to have so I could learn more.
  23. Isn't the placebo effect great. And with the film and flam brothers back I can mark a spot off of my season 4 bingo. *marks spot* Not really any thoughts about the episode yet. Was basically th snake oil story mentioned above.
  24. A+ I actually wanted to see the play. Cutiemark Crusader Playwrites yaaaaaa! Seeing Luna was nice but she can show ponies the future o_o
  25. The design was still used for many nazi helms. Not to mention the ones depicted on that wiki page look rather elaborate, more for higher authority figures. But yes, it does look quite like many a nazi's helm. -cough- I like maud's voice too. The rock poems were amazing as well <3