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I am not accepting help for my dragons.Pm me if you have any questions about breeding, I'm more then happy to breed any of my dragons if you ask. :)taelae_breeder_1_zps93c15587.gif2ilmz61.jpgdraganot.png

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    Breeding info: I don't have much, but if there's anything you want bred on my scroll just ask. I'll probably do it for free or very little. I'm not the kind of person to ask for a cb neglected or anything like that in return. As long as it's something decent. (Royal blues always wanted ;). )

    Wishlist: Most rares would be wonderful to receive.
    I really need
    A cb gold. If hatchling, gendered male.
    A paper.
    Any/all Dinos.
    Eggs or hatchlings with music related codes. (Dj Cheddar needs more music :3 )
    A cb silver.
    Any/all coppers.
    Most holiday dragons.
    Many cb royal blues for a lineage project/because there awesome.
    Lots of pinks because I never have enough.
    All your Flutterbutts >:D
    And finally anything I don't have or is neat.