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Currently collecting CB Spirit Wards and Sunset dragons for a lineage project! Let me know if you have anything you're willing to trade!My scrolljhN8Ats.png

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    A wild Solarflare has appeared!

    Hello. I ain't got much to say. I draw. I collect dragons. I love describing dragons too and I'm not too bad at that if I say so myself. ;)

    I don't have many impressive dragons, but if you ask, I'm sometimes willing to breed dragons for others. I'm also always happy to trade too, if you have a dragon you want to get rid of.

    I an currently seeking CB sunset dragons and Spirit wards for a small lineage project! If you have anything that you are willing to trade or gift! Let me know! Thanks!
    White dragons
    Metallic pairs(copper, gold, silver)
    Halloween dragons
    Alts (Especially black dragons; black alts are gorgeous!)

    I accept and offer IOUs. I figure most DC breeders are trustworthy enough for me to do that.