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    2011-03-16 - New Eggs

    Whew, I've read every post in this thread! Took me a few days, lol! I LOVE these new dragons, they're all really beautiful. Who would have thought that pixel dragons could be so very addictive?
  2. These hatchlings are ADORABLE! *squee!* I always freeze one of the event eggs, they are just too cute. Leaves me just one adult the next year to breed but I make sure that I do to help spread the love.
  3. I agree, TJ must have performed some magic, I actually saw a drop at 25 minutes past the hour and managed to snag my second egg. Love it! These eggs look absolutely yummy. Good luck to everyone, and thanks TJ and Spriters! Happy Valentines Day!
  4. By some miracle I caught a Valentine's egg in the first few minutes. *shock* I'm not even SEEING the five minute drops though. I'm so glad that hubby is working right now; it would be terribly rude to tell him "sorry hon, no time for Valentine's romance, gotta catch eggs!" lol!
  5. Does anyone else feel like a deranged stalker, waiting for DC to come back? I have a gold hatchling that I want to see, make sure it's ok. Ok, yeah, we're all obsessed... *goes back to lurking in the shadows and waiting....*
  6. I'm so grateful for the forum so I don't fret unduly about not being able to access my scroll. Whew! I did see the message about upcoming downtime but it's been down for something like six hours now, which is unusual for DC. I'm sure it will be back up by tomorrow though, so I'll relax and do something else. Good luck everyone with your ongoing projects!
  7. Someone else had said they had to log out and log back in before they could see their tree, so that is what I did and it did work. I hope that you are able to get to it, so you can get your day's ornaments!
  8. Finally, got my two eggs! They are beautiful! Dealing with some RL awfulness so catching eggs gave me a bit of a break. Gotta love DragCave!
  9. There's still 25 hours until my first Marrow grows up. Those of you who have adults soon, please let us know if they are breedable, ok?
  10. Absolutely stunning dragons! Mine have yet to gender but now I'm VERY glad that I decided not to freeze any of them until there are more around next year. Not only do we collect dragons on this site, we collect beautiful art! I love it! Thanks all!
  11. My new Halloween eggs aren't gathering views very quickly, and they are on three sites. Odd. I can't begin to tell you how happy I am to have them though! I don't think I would have them if not for TJ adding that second row of eggs dropping. I plan to let all of mine grow to be adults, though I have always before frozen one, because I want to have more next year to breed for others. Those of you who didn't get any this year, look forward to next year when you should have a great chance of getting several. It doesn't ease the pain of not getting one or more this year, but at least they aren't forever out of reach.
  12. I don't know if anyone has answered this yet, but it will surely end in doubling the number of eggs dropped, since there is a limited time these particular eggs will be dropping, and the drop won't end until it originally was supposed to, rather than when the eggs run out. Kapiche? (did I spell that right? LOL)
  13. TJ, thank you thank you THANK YOU!! Adding that second row of eggs made it possible for me to grab not only my first egg (after eight hours of trying!) but a second and third too! My Halloween has been saved!! TJ is a genius!
  14. All of my Zombie attempts failed. And not only that, I have yet to catch a single new egg! I used to catch for other people and now I can't even catch ONE for myself! *sobs in a soggy emo mess in the corner*
  15. Lag is killing me here too. This is supposed to be fun but I'm exhausted and miserable so why even do this then? sigh...
  16. Yay, finally got all 92! It really helped immensely to set a timer so I could go do other things in between catching treats (and tricks) and I got them quicker too because the timer reminded me to go look instead of me getting caught up in something else. Now I can spend time with family for the rest of the day and look forward to the possible new Halloween dragons tomorrow. Thanks so much to the spriters and coodinators and TJ! I love Dragon Cave!!
  17. Seventy eight now! I may manage to get the entire bunch after all! *hoping* And my first pumpkin egg has hatched, gotta love it!
  18. I have read EVERY single post in this long, long thread! I read in between picking up treats rather than posting. You people are tough to keep up with, lol! 58/92 now, but I need to spend some time with hubby so I'd best take a break. Plenty of time to get the rest (I hope!) Good luck everyone!
  19. Didn't notice this til the second day, now trying to make up time. My pumpkin dragons did breed prolifically, so I added to the AP pumpkin eggs, and actually caught a couple from there too (I NEVER have any luck on the AP, at least til now! TREAT!) Just about 50 of the ToT's, so just over halfway there, yay!
  20. WindFlyte

    10 on 10-10-10

    I've got my first hatchling (a "hot" one) and caught another new egg just now fairly easily. I was worried when I first came across the drop of new eggs because it took me HOURS to catch any beyond the first one. After TJ fixed the lag, I quickly caught three more new eggs though. Thanks TJ! And ShadowNinjaGhost, you are definitely *not* too late to catch the new eggs. Happy Hunting!!
  21. WindFlyte

    2010-08-28 - 55 Days

    It's possible that the next "release" of new eggs will be the change of seasonal eggs from Summer to Autumn. Then again, maybe TJ has something up his sleeve, he's good at that, lol! I finally got a tan Ridgewing, wheeee!!!
  22. WindFlyte

    2010-08-28 - 55 Days

    Thanks so much for your answer! I'm totally locked now, but at least I have both Flamingos and Breezes, though no TAN Breezes. Must. Be. Patient.
  23. WindFlyte

    2010-08-28 - 55 Days

    I thought that it had been said that there wouldn't be any new dragons based on real-life animals? Not that I'm complaining, because I think that some of the neatest dragons on the completed list were other-animal-based. Or am I remembering wrong and it was that no new dragons would be inanimate-object based (ie "cake", "plushie") ? Either way, I'm loving the new dragons!
  24. I've noticed a LOT of those eggs in the cave, and I clicked on one a while back too. It's the water walker. One would hope that the other water dragon that is used for breeding the new shallow water dragon would be more available, but I've yet to see even ONE of those drop in the cave in the last several days.
  25. I've got a Day Glory hatchling at 5 d 2 h with these stats: Overall Views: 1768 Unique Views: 746 Clicks: 12 It has not yet gendered. I haven't kept track in the past of just when my hatchlings tend to gender though, so I don't know if that is unusual?