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immaling.pngI generally acccept IOU's. If not, I'll tell you why :) I'm ALWAYS interested in Shimmer swaps from lines I don't have :DI don't bite, so don't worry if your offer doesn't match my request 100% I might accept it anyway, unless I specifically say 'No other offers please'. I always answer PM's as soon as I possibly can, even if it's a lot. IMO anything else is rude.I breed on request - everything on my scroll - but can't promise there won't be any waiting time. Just ask me :)

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    Dreaming of:

    - Second gen Holly
    - Low-gen Shimmer-scale Dragons - thanks to WONDERFUL people - who know who they are!!!!! - I have all 3 types of Shimmers on my scroll.

    I traded for my Neglecteds, and I'm eternally grateful for them and can't thank the person I traded with enough for them! Sadly, I've never succeeded at making one myself, and with all those failures, I can't bear to try again :(

    Feel free to PM me if you see something on my scroll you'd like me to breed for you.

    I can't promise anything (especially with the metalics, since they're fickle) but I'll do my best :))

    If I give you an egg that you have requested, please don't gift it away or use it for trade without at least telling me. It doesn't matter what kind of egg it is, if I see it on a scroll later that isn't yours, I'm not going to offer one to you again. And please don't freeze it or use it for ND experimenting, unless you told me beforehand.

    If that makes me a ***** so be it :)


    Me -> Khram - a 5th gen Gold spiral from Stone and Frills as mate for Immasglow

    Feel free to PM me with wishes if you or one of your friends has a b-day coming up, or just give me the date and I'll do my level best to send a surprise your (your friend's) way on the day :D