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  1. I collect sea glass and sea shells, I've lived down the street from a private beach for about six years now.


    I also collect books, but a lot of them are in storage at the moment, I've been through an awkward transition of housing.


    I guess I could say that I collect pandas. I love everything with a panda on it.

    I've been like that forever. According to my mother, I've loved pandas since I was a newborn. wub.gif

  2. I guess I'd say my favorite bands are:



    My Chemical Romance

    The Who

    Iron Maiden

    Vampire Weekend


    Arctic Monkeys

    and Purity Ring.


    Although one of my favorite solo artists is Grimes aka Claire Boucher.

  3. “I need a healthy dose of loneliness and melancholy once in a while. It’s the fuel of music, though I love collaborating with people. It makes my job a lot less lonely.

    My mum’s got a lot of my early demos still. I started in exactly the key I’m still in: depressing, miserable, melancholic, with just a little glimpse of hope. My first song was about nuclear power stations and acid rain.”

    — Damon Albarn in ‘Isle of Noises: Conversations With Great British Songwriters’ by Daniel Rachel