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  1. I'm having a masquerade themed costume collab with my bestest friend, then I think she'll spend the night at my house or something. I hope I get to watch some scary movies that night too.
  2. I collect sea glass and sea shells, I've lived down the street from a private beach for about six years now. I also collect books, but a lot of them are in storage at the moment, I've been through an awkward transition of housing. I guess I could say that I collect pandas. I love everything with a panda on it. I've been like that forever. According to my mother, I've loved pandas since I was a newborn.
  3. I guess I'd say my favorite bands are: Blur My Chemical Romance The Who Iron Maiden Vampire Weekend MGMT Arctic Monkeys and Purity Ring. Although one of my favorite solo artists is Grimes aka Claire Boucher.
  4. She is upset about something I have no control over whatsoever, if I did I wouldn't have gone home early. I actually liked her as a teacher. Liked.
  5. “I need a healthy dose of loneliness and melancholy once in a while. It’s the fuel of music, though I love collaborating with people. It makes my job a lot less lonely. My mum’s got a lot of my early demos still. I started in exactly the key I’m still in: depressing, miserable, melancholic, with just a little glimpse of hope. My first song was about nuclear power stations and acid rain.” — Damon Albarn in ‘Isle of Noises: Conversations With Great British Songwriters’ by Daniel Rachel