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See profile for wishlist

Currently seeking the following: two 2g Sunsong from Sunsong x Solstice / 2g Black Tea from Alt Sweetling x Black Tea - unrelated to VHNnn / any eg checker Alt Sweetling x Black Tea

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    ~I have been very busy with my two jobs and starting school again :( I am semi-active, but respond to all PMs/emails. I do like to help people out with lineages and willing to influence and hatch eggs if needed. However, during the Holidays I do like to keep my scroll open for egg collecting, so any requests during that time need to be taken in egg form unless I state otherwise. Feel free to send me a PM :)

    ps I can be an absent minded goof at times and not double check my grammar/spelling :)

    Currently collecting:

    - White (forest) & Yellow (jungle) & Pink (Coast) Zyumorph
    - Chrono (forest) & Magi (desert) Xenos
    - Nicely linaged Spitfire checkers
    - 2g or checker Carina (female w/ green nebula base parent only) or (male w/ any color nebula base parent)
    - Interesting checker lineages involving hybrids
    - Solstice (rosy wing) x Sunsong checker

    ~Biggest wishes~

    1) 2g Shimmer from M Moonstone x F Silver Shimmer. Trying to create a proper mate for http://dragcave.net/lineage/6qrKX :)

    2) 2x 2nd gen Solstice (rosy) from Alt M Grave - for checker project

    3) Any 2nd gen from Alts (especially Solstice, M Grave, Arsani, Radiant Angel, "purple" shadow walker, and F Witchlight)

    4) Checkers from Sweetling alts

    5) 2g from Hybrids or low gen clean checkers

    6) CB Gold

    7) Nice eg checker lineages w/ spriter's Alts

    IOU from others:

    3rd gen from green copper x arsani checker w/ spriters alt - Sionnisong (need to give two arsani hatchlings valentine 2018)
    3rd gen Monarch from M Monarch x F Cal w/ Alt at base - evilSpectra

    Natayah ~ hellhorse, pretty eg & alt lineages, soul peace checker project
    Kadiya ~ Whatever is needed
    a_god_s ~ Alt lineages/other (runED x Ranof)
    miaou ~ Alt lineages/other