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  1. Who the bleep let the dogs out
  2. Newbie Request! Forum Name: Firecatx Scroll: Firecatx Egg Request: Magma, Nebula and chicken Do you have any dead eggs on your scroll? Yep, two of them,but for some reason one of them is not there anymore .-. Okay, the other one is gone now, it seems that dead eggs dissapear after a while If so, why? I could not abandon them so I used the kill action in hope that they would be abandoned or something but I realized that does not work like that, I wont do it again ^-^; My favorite animal would be the cat
  3. Hello everyone! Oh gawd my dragon is sick
  4. I mostly speak English even thought my first language is Spanish
  5. I use a pen, and if not, I use what I have
  6. Cereal. Which cereal you ask? Its Honey Bunches Of Oats
  7. Well, once I was going on a vacation with my family and we were on this boat, and on the distance, there was this island composed mostly of gold buildings, then something happened and we stayed at a house that looked haunted. Later when we were inside some weird sheet ghosts captured my whole family but I (somehow) defeated them. And then I woke up
  8. I collect bionicles for some reason
  9. Mine are brown, but I wish they were green :l
  10. Its pretty cloudy over here and- oh, I just heard thunder
  11. Meh, I dont like potatoes that much