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  1. My first thought was a glitch. I can't imagine what could possibly be another spell if that were the case.
  2. Strange, on day 4 Seeling Love, I tried every option and yet, it claims I am missing an ending. Is this a glitch? I clicked everything...twice now.
  3. I wasn't able to finish in time. I got stuck in a dark maze. I couldn't figure out how to get past the enemy in there. I would have liked to have seen the end. No badge for me either.
  4. Treats stopped falling for me when I completed that year. So that must have been the first year of the event.
  5. Their don't seem to be any for 2011. However 2010 had 94 treats
  6. I finally managed to get this gamed working and now I;m stuck in some maze. I'm not fond of mazes, ever. I keep getting caught by the same bug that never moves from his position. I have no idea how this is even solvable. I'm doubtful I will finish this in time.
  7. I can;t even get this game to play. All I get is a completely black screen. Clicking anywhere on the screen does nothing. It's beyond frustrating
  8. It's so pretty. The angry dragon.
  9. Would it be possible for the level glitch to be fixed please? When I reached level 8, I was attacked and everything destroyed. My level went down to 5 after the destruction. I finally repaired everything but had to remove everything to do so. As such, I have not wished to rebuild. 1. If a player reaches a level whether it be 8 or 50 or whatever, whenever they are attacked they should not lose any levels. 2. If an object is damaged, allow them to move it so they can continue decorating. 3. It would be wonderful, if lairs can choose, whether or not they wish t
  10. Their are chess pieces? I wanna see! I would be happy to just be able to pick things up and move them around at this point. I have no idea how people are posting such high levels. This is beyond me. I'm beginning to think this game is unplayable.
  11. I've tried hard refreshing and clearing my cache. even switching browsers. Nothing is working.. If I coulkd pick something up, that'd be a start at least. I keep looking at the snowballs and am like. At least let me pick one of those up, please???
  12. Now, I know I'm in trouble. I've been clicking on the snow and their is no option to pick them up or do anything with them. Since all I could do was go in and out of the tent, I starting clicking everywhere trying to get anything to work. At this point, I really need to know how to file a bug report because it definitely appears my game at least, is not working at all.
  13. How exactly do you get materials? I'm not following that part. I've been clicking the entire screen and nada! A repair all button would be way better.
  14. Is their a way ti file a bug report on this game? I've been in the red..............for hours now. Since the game came out. Only thing I can do is go in and out of the tent. I can't repair anything/build. I have received no new materials with which to build that I can tell. I need help over here!!.
  15. ^This I came on to ask for help and never even received a reply. Nothing wiorks. This event needs more explanation and a race period for those just starting. This is ludicruous
  16. Not even sure how to start building. Is this building on the inside or outside of the building? The controls aren't working for me atm
  17. I have the red and blue crystal dragon eggs. I hope the greens dragon egg is next.
  18. Even doing that, this game has given me a migraine. I don't understand what commands to use. I don't think I'm meant to complete this game. I just hope the badge doesn't change upon completion. I love the purple Valentine's dragons though.
  19. I've been stuck at the cliff for the past two hours. I'm not sure about this game.
  20. I have no idea what I'm supposed to be even doing after the post office. Why are there no directions. *cries*
  21. I was stuck on this game at the fourth day. tbh, I'm dreading seeing this again since I couldn't complete it last year. I'm already having problems too. No idea what to do after Bill? Moving furniture? Ugh! Please don't have this again next year. I'd like something I can complete without all the frustration I had last year. I'm already having it.
  22. I just checked the cave and found a new treat for the pumpkin. Did this just get added?
  23. I'm having no luck with this game. Not sure if i'll be able to complete it. Not sure if i'll be able to help any. Sorry.
  24. I really hope we can still obtain this egg. I missed it.