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  1. 1. i can't roll my r's; i can do the flappy thing with my tongue but can't make the R sound! 2. i can turn my feet almost completely backwards (at the cost of my knees aching for a few minutes!) 3. i used to own a vocaloid (dex + the v4 editor) but i lost both after my PC was wiped... but i'm saving up for v5 and fukase! 4. i've been drawing since i could hold a pencil! 5. i love rocks and gemstones, and i collect them (sometimes based on supposed gem meanings!) 6. people tend to give me nicknames based on random things, meaning i respond to a LOT of different names ("red deku" and "aardvark" come to mind!) 7. my favorite overwatch league team is the new york excelsior! it used to be the florida mayhem before they dropped all their players! 8. my last name has an extra L, so people always spell it wrong 9. i've read on a college reading level since the sixth grade! 10. i don't get crushes on people, like, at all (i say i'm pan regardless...)
  2. i love my film classes and any form of science! i'm at an art school (i went for theater and got film!) but science has ALWAYS been my favorite subject!!! i especially love biology and physical science
  3. animal ear headbands/hair clips!
  4. myopic since i was six, astigmatism since i was fourteen :^) i only wear contacts for costumes/cosplays and special events, i think i look better with glasses on! also one time i rubbed my eye too hard and a contact fell out so, like, ew
  5. it's some cute pixel art of fukase, how could i NOT choose it
  6. my scroll name is a warrior cats reference (i was super big into warrior cats when i started!) and my forum name is a dumb me_irl joke with my favorite vocaloid!
  7. I like the cute, nerdy characters (pidge and mei, for example), the loud, kinda annoying, sometimes villainous ones (like guzma for the villainous+loud and memoca for everything except villainous lololol) and characters who try to be serious but are actually just dorks (like zen)
  8. 1. I have dreams of being involved in either video game art or weather science ;; 2. I don't believe strongly in any kind of God 3. I'm a soprano with a fairly strong lower range ^^;; lets me sing duets with myself 4. I have two custom decks for Cards Against Humanity 5. Most of my friends are online friends. 6. I learned to read through playing video games 7. I love astrology memes 8. Halloween is my favorite holiday. 9. I really like ferrets and rodents. I can't have any because I have cats, but I want a rat or a ferret. 10. I own a Vocaloid, but I still need to redownload the editor/voicebank.
  9. im back with more and more ships mei/zarya pharah/mercy lucio/junkrat lucio and dva as friends ana/reinhardt memoca/dolphi helica/pulmo shirogane/yukisada moge-ko/yonaka yosafire/froze samekichi/wadda jumin/v yoosung/seven mc/everyone pretty much oliver/yuki len/gumi rin/miku tonio/leon and i will add that I CANNOT STAND ZEN/JUMIN OR MEI/JUNKRAT
  10. Seeing an hourglass pop up in a Mystic Messenger chat!
  11. i love having ptr, it's great aaa but the new map... ;-; i feel so bad for mei...
  12. I made this account when I was majorly into Warriors! Looking back, this was not the best choice of names.
  13. Pokemon Mystery Dungeon, Frostlass used Ominous Wind before I could get to an oran berry.
  14. i can finally play the game wooo i love lucio! i love d.va! i love reinhardt! i love mei!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! mei is satan. mei is death reborn into a human form. mei is adorable. mei is bae.
  15. tfw you buy the game but you forget to check your system and you can't play because you don't have the 64 bit operating system i still love mei mei is bae, as i say
  16. sHUT it mei is a-mei-zing i'll show myself out now
  17. aaA havent bought the game because I'm Poor but i want it really bad i kind of love mei shes so cute
  18. I've started shipping Yonaka and Moge-ko, please help me. This is not a good sign.
  19. I solemnly swear that I, OhMyStarClan, will never view bomb other players' dragons and I will not add any eggs or hatchling to any hatcheries without the owners' express permission.
  20. Changes from FNaF World, Pokemon SoulSilver, and Spore every day. (Still trying to fix The Gray Garden!)
  21. Choosing Popplio. It's a cute design and has potential to be water/fairy or water/fighting, both of which are good type combinations.