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  1. I also like to eat pancakes. They taste good with chocolate.
  2. I like socks! Just plain colors. I like either up to ankle or regular size. LOL
  3. I want to be an actor and make my own movies.
  4. I'm more of a French Fri Dragon. I love to munch on french fries once in awhile.
  5. My favorites are emeralds, ruby's, and diamonds. Etc. I get obsessed with many gems. I like to eat them.
  6. I enjoy it when its sunny outside and not extreme burning hot. I also enjoy rain with thunder and lightning. I'm glad its fall already. I can't wait for winter.
  7. I speak English of course. I can speak a little bit of Spanish. It might be broken a little bit. I also can understand it when I watch MLP in Spanish. Or read Spanish.
  8. I'm studying to be Twilight's Secretary. I need to finish my course Administrative Assistant/Secretary. I'm almost done. I only have one more module to finish then I get my diploma. Better get to reading my next book.
  9. Well today I'm going to visit my dentist. Time for teeth cleaning. Every time I go there I get a nice welcome. Very nice friendly staff. I'm glad I found them. Not many nice dentists these days. You gotta be careful who your dentist is.
  10. Today is nice for the first day if Autumn where I live. Its not that hot outside today. Very enjoyable!
  11. I always eat cream of wheat. That is my favorite breakfast to have every morning with coffee.
  12. Dog lover! I was a dog once myself. I rather be a dragon. LOL
  13. I'm very pleased with my dentist. The whole staff is very nice. I'm glad they are doing a nice job on my teeth. I get my teeth cleaned at the end of the month. I can't wait! Its fun going there.
  14. My favorite color is purple. 2nd favorite color is blue, and 3rd favorite black.