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  1. I'll be a dragon of course or a unicorn. LOL
  2. Still hot here where I live. LOL We got a sand storm yesterday evening. :/ We get those during summer time here where I live. You just hide when they pass.
  3. I got some. Thank-You! So pretty and nice colors. Cool!
  4. Its been hot here lately where I live today it got to 115. I'm one hot sweaty dragon. I'm using the AC.
  5. I have two brothers and a sister. None have joined the site. I have two friends who did join here. LOL
  6. Happy Birthday Dragon Cave! Cool eggs! I'll do my best to get them. Thank-You! Nice looking eggs too.
  7. Awesome! I got some! Pretty nice eggs. I like the colors! Thanks!
  8. I love frozen yogurt! Eyup!
  9. Awesome! I love the new eggs! Thanks! I was able to get some. LOL
  10. Awesome! I was surprised to see the new layout. I like it very much. Cool!
  11. I see the dress colors as blue, brown, and black.
  12. My favorite is Weird Al Yankovic. Cheese Sandwich! LOL
  13. Happy Valentine's Day or Happy Hearts and Hooves Day! <3 I very much like the new eggs. I have fun the Holiday event. Yay Cool! Hope everybody has a great day tomorrow.
  14. Hi Syiren! Really!? There is no topic about this subject? LOL Anways! I'm ok but my allergies have been pretty bad recently. The weather's been warm recently where I live. LOL I'm also looking for your friend, you probably know who I'm talking about? Can you tell them that Spike wants to talk with them? LOL
  15. I always have fun in these holiday events. Awesome! Valentine's Day dragons are pretty nice! Thanks and Happy Hearts and Hooves Day! LOL
  16. Merry Christmas every pony and dragon! LOL I love getting presents and sending them as well. Thanks! LOL Hope everyone has a good day. Love from Spike The Dragon
  17. I may be a dragon but I like unicorns. LOL I have a certain crush on some pony. Dragons are cool 2!
  18. I notice the cave changed to the holiday theme. Awesome! LOL! I have fun with these events. I got some eggs! They are hard to get at the moment though. LOL Merry Christmas! A new egg coming soon! Yay! Fun! Thanks!
  19. I use a pic of myself to use as an avatar. LOL Simple as that!
  20. Happy Halloween! Awesome a new egg! Thanks! Zombies! LOL I always have fun on Halloween night or Nightmare Night.
  21. The same thing happened to my eggs. I woke up this morning and found that my new eggs got sick. I had to hide them. They recover pretty fast. LOL I guess they got too many views on them.
  22. Eyup! I'm going to have fun this Halloween. LOL Thanks! Happy Halloween! I got some new eggs too. And the Event sounds fun as well.
  23. I don't like hunting. When ever I go hiking or on a four wheel drive up a mountain I like enjoying nature. I seen some nice groups of deer the other weekend when I went for a drive with my parents.