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  1. I just noticed the change kinda late last night then this morning. LOL I like the holiday events. The eggs of course. Happy Halloween!
  2. Nice eggs! Yay! I can't wait for the Holiday events. LOL
  3. I just noticed the new look today. LOL Nice new layout! I like the colors.
  4. I'm always happy to see new eggs. Pretty nice colors! Thank-You!
  5. Nice eggs for July. Thanks! Pretty electric blue eggs I see.
  6. I only like it when they clean your teeth. LOL I stay awake.
  7. That's awesome! Happy Birthday Dragon Cave! I hope I can get the new eggs. Nice!
  8. LOL Good thing I was able to get a few of the new eggs. I did see that bad gateway error message thingy. But it looks like it fixed itself by the time the new eggs came out.
  9. Is the egg hunt over with already? I didn't get all of them yet. I was too busy to get them all this time. I had fun still. I got my new dragons. I like them.
  10. I've been busy that I just noticed these new eggs today. LOL Cool! I like them!
  11. I got stuck too. I keep going on back and fourth. LOL Oh well! I did get some of the items. I had fun for Valentine's Days.
  12. Awesome! Thanks! I always have fun with the holidays. Nice eggs!
  13. Merry Christmas Dragon Cave! Nice new egg I found this morning. LOL
  14. I've been waiting for the Holiday event to start. Cool! I love the Christmas eggs and dragons. Sounds like fun! Thank-You!
  15. I got some! Kinda hard to get them at first. Very interesting the new eggs. Thanks! Happy Halloween!
  16. Are the Trick or Treat items still around? I don't see any and I'm missing a few. Where are they? LOL Making potion is confusing. LOL I should ask Twilight for help.
  17. I've been waiting for the Halloween event to show up. LOL I always have fun with these. Happy Halloween! Halloween dragon eggs!
  18. Happy Thanksgiving to Canada! Ours is in November. LOL
  19. Getting these new eggs are kinda hard. You gotta be fast. I got some of the white ones. LOL ;3
  20. Cool! I think I'm late. I hope I get some. Pretty nice eggs. LOL Thanks!
  21. I finally got some. I might have to abandon a few eggs if I wanna get some more. LOL They look pretty nice. I can't wait to see them hatched.
  22. Is this still happening? I took my computer last night for maintenance. So, I didn't get a chance to get any last night. If they only come out at night? Pretty cool! LOL