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  1. I finally got one of the new eggs. LOL Yay!
  2. Thanks for your help WraithZephry! I understand now how it works. LOL
  3. I have a question if anybody can help me out? I'm having trouble getting the new eggs. I don't think I have the limit or the eggs. So when I try to get it tells me this why? I'm confused?! I can't get the new eggs. I really want them. So why it doing this? It says this when I try - You are already at the limit (2) for this breed of dragon. This limit includes eggs, hatchlings, and adult dragons.
  4. Nice eggs! Happy Holidays and Merry Christmas!
  5. Happy Holidays Dragon Cave! I have a question? One of my Christmas eggs died for some odd reason. I never had one do this to me before. First time ever. Is there a way to get rid of it or delete off your scroll? LOL I can't wait for the new eggs to appear. How come no game event this year? X3
  6. Awesome! I like having fun on this event. Is there any eggs in the Halloween cave section? I keep going in there and its empty. I think I did see some but disappeared so fast. LOL
  7. Awesome! I got a few. I hope to get more. Nice colors and pretty design they have.
  8. I figured it out now how to make the blue eggs. Cool! LOL
  9. That's awesome! I hope to find the blue eggs. I got some already. Thanks!
  10. I just saw this last night. I got some. Hope I can find more. Nice new eggs.
  11. Can somebody explain to me how to breed those to get the new eggs? Which dragons to use? Thanks if somebody can help me out. Send me a comment here or Message me.
  12. Yay! Awesome! I always love getting new dragon eggs. Happy Birthday Dragon Cave! Thank-You! I got a few of the new eggs already. I like their colors.
  13. Cool! I just got then this morning. LOL Anybody want to touch my new eggs? Thank-You! I like the new eggs.
  14. Happy late Easter everyone. I been busy lately. I had fun getting the eggs in my basket. LOL Thanks!
  15. How odd that one of my eggs has zero clicks even though I keep touching it so many times. LOL Why is that? Must be a glitch. My other eggs have click views.
  16. That was so fast. LOL I just got in the cave and noticed the new eggs. Cool! Thank-You!
  17. I was wondering when will those Valentine's Day dragons come out? I was guessing it last night. LOL Cool! I can't wait to grab the new dragon egg when it gets closer to the time. Thank-You! Happy Valentine's Days!
  18. I love potatoes! I just had one for dinner tonight. With lots of butter and sour cream.
  19. Awesome! I figured that the Holiday event will start tonight. LOL Happy Holidays! Nice new egg!
  20. Are the new dragon eggs coming out tomorrow? I can't wait! Merry Christmas Dragon Cave!
  21. Awesome! I love the holiday dragons. I can't wait to see the new eggs. LOL Merry Christmas!
  22. I wasn't expecting new dragon eggs after Thanksgiving and Black Friday. That was a nice surprise. I got some already this morning. The new eggs look pretty too. Thanks!
  23. I'm late! I got busy and stuff. Happy late Halloween! Nice new eggs.