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  1. Happy Easter!!! 🥚 LOL I always have fun collecting these eggs every Easter. ❤️ 😉
  2. I always enjoy the Halloween events here. LOL Yay! 👍 😉
  3. 😉 I always have fun collecting Easter eggs in my basket. LOL I'll do my best to get them all. Happy Easter to all! 🐣 Always look forward to getting the new egg.
  4. Merry Christmas Syiren and a Happy New Year to you! I'm loving the new eggs. LOL Did you get my message BTW? 😆
  5. I think I found it. Its in the coast. I hope its that one anyways .LOL Thanks for the new eggs always. 😉
  6. I have 4 of the white ones now. I still need to get that red egg. What does it say the description of it? Same as the white or different? I don't think its at the desert. I was searching for awhile the other day and no luck with that one. Hopefully I get it soon. LOL
  7. LOL I need to get the red egg. I'm having a hard time getting that one.
  8. I always have fun on Halloween here. Cool! 😉
  9. LOL There's a lot of people in the coast today. That was a fast release of new eggs. Cool! 😉
  10. Awesome! I hope I can get a few more of the new July eggs. 😉 LOL
  11. Happy Birthday Dragon Cave! What a nice surprise! ❤️ I like the new eggs. 😉
  12. Hey! LOL I just got that HTTP Error 500 message thingy. Just now! Can somebody please fix that? I'm trying to get the rest of the eggs I need.
  13. Nice surprise! Thanks for the new eggs! 😊
  14. Happy Valentine's Day everyone! 💘 I can't wait to get the new egg! 😉
  15. I don't know what is up with this years game? I can't do anything with mine. Won't let me build or target somebody. Is like I'm stuck on level one and nothing. The first version of this game I was able to play it. No idea why its doing this? Not able to play it this year. Oh well!
  16. I think your site is down?! I can't check on my dragons. What's that about? Just happened as of now.
  17. I can't play the game yet. Hope it works tomorrow.
  18. Merry Christmas! I like the new egg! LOL
  19. Sounds like fun! LOL I can't wait for Halloween! 🎃 I can't wait for the new dragon eggs to come out. 😎
  20. I can't wait to see them as adults. I loving these new eggs. 😉
  21. Happy Birthday Dragon Cave! 😉I love those new eggs! Pretty nice looking eggs too.
  22. Happy Valentine's Day! Nice new dragon to get.
  23. I finally got one of the new eggs. LOL Yay!