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  1. This Avatar. I seem to have some sort of weird luck catching these guys. This Pyralspite Dragon. This Water Walker. And this Fever Wyvern. Thank you breeders for these really awesome lineages. I hope I'm putting out as many good ones as I'm getting!
  2. [The paper seems to be originally from a book, slopped over with some white paint that covers most of the dark inked words. It looks quite old, worn from however long ago it was written upon. The handwriting is shaky and wobbly, and there are many dots that are spaced in the middle of multiple sentences. (For the sake of avoiding confusion, you skip over these long spaces of periods and try to read the funky writing.)] I have(...)grown my wings today. They have been(...)itching a lot in the past week and(...)I am glad that I woke up today with(...)them all smooth and nice. I don't know if(...)I want to fly just yet(...). It seems very(...)dangerous. I don't want to fall, though(...)everyone keeps telling me I'll be fine. I guess(...)everyone is getting excited for when I get(...)older(...). They, which I mean by the(...)Avatars(...), have told me many times that I am(...)important. Something to do with a(...)prophecy?(...)I don't know(...)if I am that important or special. I am just a(...)regular Albino(...). Nothing too special, I think(...). But, guess I shouldn't(...)write all that. The human, or I guess(...)my owner?(...), wanted me to write things down, because(...)as they said, "Your words will be remembered and read by many for a long time"(...). I don't think that anyone would want to read my stupid writing(...). Even(...)I think it is boring. But(...)I should at least write about yesterday. My owner(...)took me up to the mountains. It(...)was very cold up there and(...)I had to ride on Xil's back. I(...)don't think I like Xil too much(...). He is scary and(...)kind of smells bad. A lot of the others(...)say that he has killed other dragons before and(...)even eats hatchlings. But(...)why would my owner keep Xil(...)if he was that dangerous?(...) But(...)anyway, so I was taken to the mountain top. I think(...)the place was called a(...)sanctuary? There was an(...)Avatar there, who I remember meeting before.(...)His name is Flight of Fancy, though my owner and Xil said his name with(...)a lot of funny sounds.(...)I guess(...)he was nice? I don't really know(...), but he did like hugging me a lot.(...)He talked to me about some stuff, nothing very(...)interesting or important, but I was able to sit in the building with the(...)pretty windows. He talked for awhile, saying stuff about(...)something to do with laws? And there were a lot of other dragons and other beings listening(...)to him. I guess(...)that is all I can write for now. I am(...)sorry if this is boring(...). [The paper ends with a shaky signature of 'Sebastian(...)Calvery'.]
  3. Matrix tilted his head at Diamanté's antics, curling his lips into something akin to a smile. This was rather nice, being around another like him who seemed so happy. Even with all the stupid muffling effect around him. However, when Diamanté started acting agitated, asking about something that was 'growling' and 'attacking' him, the gray hatchling was completely lost. He didn't hear anything that could possibly get the other dragon to react in such a way. The way that Diamanté's voice was getting a little more shrill with each second was starting to both make him nervous and irritated. What was it that Diamanté was hearing that he couldn't? The other hatchling seemed to think that it was coming from his stomach as well. Pulling himself up to a standing position, head up and alert, Matrix stared at Diamanté and tried to voice his concerns over all these antics. "Es...yu hear growiling? Frem....es scary? Oir...bad? Ey.....I can't hear et." Tilting his head to the side, straining his ears just in case he wasn't paying enough attention, Matrix continued on, tongues flicking out as he spoke. "May-be....yu only hear et? Or...may-be I neot evr hear et? What es et if I nwot hear et end yu only hear et? What happin if et es dang--danger--dangerious?" ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- (Will be editing in Xil's later.)
  4. The gray hatchling tilted his head at the now named Diamanté, narrowing his eyes in thought as he focused on the other hatchlings words. It still was incredibly muffled and was starting to make him question what exactly was going on. Really, he could have blamed it on Diamanté, with the idea that he was speaking too softly for him to hear, but there was the fact that his own voice was quieted as well. There was no reasoning, however, for why he just couldn't hear everything clearly. At least he knew the gist of what Diamanté said. "Miy...naime? I..." But that didn't mean that the hatchling knew what Diamanté meant. Tilting his head up, scarlet eyes staring at the rocky ceiling, the hatchling's mind running the word 'name' around in his head. From how the other hatchling indicated his as 'Diamanté', a word that didn't seem to have meaning besides the white and gold being himself. So, after a few seconds of scrounging around with sounded, the gray hatchling turned his attention back on Diamanté. "Miy neme es....Mae...Mar? Mairt? Mat? Matriss? Matrix?...Yis, miy naime es Matrix!" The newly named Matrix nodded his head, tongues snapping closed as he pulled them back in from talking. He felt mighty pleased with himself at the moment. ------------------------------------------------- The Black Marrow hatchling followed behind Christine, keeping a respective distance from her as much as he could without being left behind. Xil had felt uneasy for awhile, still a little disoriented with the chain of events and the fact that he had woken up in the middle of nowhere. However, he soon got into a rhythm of a sort, glancing at the other hatchling every once in awhile to make sure that he was still following her. Xil didn't try to make conversation, keeping silent and wondering who her friend was and how they acted. He hoped that they were of a friendly sort, or at least knew where the cave was.
  5. The Purple Dorsal hatchling really should not have allowed his mind to wander and his eyes to stare up at the darkening (and now darkened) sky. Before the call of his name caught his attention, Rim mused on what those shining dots were high up in the black ceiling. Once he turned his attention back to earth, the hatchling realized how dark it had actually gotten. He could not see much, but he knew that the others from earlier were around him, though the group was now joined by Madeline, Sparkly Scaler and Noelle. He stayed quiet as everyone went around introducing each other, blinking his eyes in a vain attempt to see his surroundings better. Something tickled at the back of his throat, making the hatchlings eyes water and tugging at his jaws. Opening them and expelling some weird breeze of air, the Purple Dorsal let out his first yawn. Snapping his jaws closed again, fin twitching up and then down slightly, Rim switched his gaze over to Madeline. "Nnot go seep? Don know seep, bwut wat dwo of sometheng?...Me can't see yuo two, how do sometheng?"
  6. The white hatchling tilted his head as he absentmindedly thought of what food was or how it would taste like; supposedly good, he concluded, as Zeditha did say that it was 'fine', but what color was it? What shape? He didn't have long to mull over those thoughts, however, as the thing that the larger hatchling had lead him to inside the cave was emitting a rather interesting scent. Sighco took a deep breath of air, pondering over the smell and scanning the large thing with his dark eyes. He took a few steps forward until he was right in front of it, lips curling up as he decided that the blackened thing did not look very...appealing. However, the sight of Zeditha taking a bite of it made up his mind for him. Without hesitation, the white hatchling ducked his head down and dug his small teeth in before tugging a piece free. What he had gotten was mostly charred hide, not particular tasty, but Sighco stubbornly tried to 'chew' it up; his teeth were not designed for chewing, however, and, after a second of opening and closing his mouth comically, he tilted his head up and tried to swallow it whole. It surprised him when that worked and, after licking his lips and scanning the blacked food again, he took a few more bites, using his hands to anchor larger pieces so that he could rip them up. Sighco was a small dragon, so it didn't take long for him to fill (and possibly overfill) his belly. Once he felt that he was done, Sighco backed a few feet away from the food, licking his lips a few times to catch anything he missed. Glancing over at Zeditha, he gave her a small nod. "T-that was...definitely good. W-why doesn't e-everyone else come eat?"
  7. -Dragons? Eggs? Wings? What these?...You are dragon? I dragon then?...mmmm...- The gray hatchling blinked slowly as his mind processed the words the other spoke, tail twitching as he thought. He could feel his legs getting tired and tremble more, but he was focused more on this other hatchling and the world around him. After a second, he pulled back from leaning forward, back legs giving out so that now he was sitting, and raised his head to scan his surroundings, not exactly understanding the darkness, dirt and stones, or the other, motionless creatures around him. Since he didn't understand, he turned his gaze back to the other hatching, more interested in them than anything else. When he spoke this time, the gray hatchling tried to raise his voice, tongues opening and closing their own jaws as they got in the way of his words. "Yu...knot knew thengs you weant knew? Es...how knew? Feind...owt, may be? I...heilp knew thengs...weth yu?" ----------------------------------------------------- Xil couldn't help but make a squawking noise as something started to move the branches around him, startling him into stillness for a few moments. The bush, however, soon loosed around him and he backed up, tail swishing around as he processed the words of his helper. Once he turned his head and laid eyes on them, the Black Marrow recognized them as the hatchling he had seen before hand, the white skinned and green footed hatchling. Taking a few moments to catch his breath (a few seconds ago he had thought that he was going to be stuck there forever), Xil focused his black eyes on the other dragon. "I'm, ah, fine, thank you. I didn't mean to get stuck, it just kind of...happened. Thank you...Christine. My...my name is Xil."
  8. Sighco nodded his head, swishing his tail in the dirt before following after Zeditha. His eyes were drawn to the other hatchlings wings and, for just a second, narrowed in jealousy. He quickly averted his gaze however, turning his head to look over at the cave's entrance. After a moment of silence, the hatchling cleared his throat with a low mewing sound and glanced at Zeditha. "W-what does the f-food look like? Is...is it good?"
  9. The other creature had wandered away only a few moments after he had taken a drink, leaving the red hatchling to his lonesome. He had tilted his head as they left, watching their retreating back before turning back to the water. Now with less hesitation, he dipped a clawed hand into the stream, feeling the cold shiver up his arm and spine. He played with the water for awhile afterwards, flexing his claws in the cold and, at one point, dipping his head down to blow bubbles (which ended badly, as he accidentally sucked in water through his nose and caused a rather long bought of coughing.). After catching his breath, the hatchling looked up into the once gray sky to find it steadily turning blacker and blacker. Small points of white sometimes popped up and the hatchling spent even more time staring at the sky. It wasn't until his stomach gurgled did the red hatchling break his focus. It was a new and foreign feeling, and he didn't think he liked it that much. The scent surrounding him increased as he stood up on shaky legs, having sat down for longer than he probably should have. Flicking his tail around and shaking his head, the hatchling took a look around. There was almost no white or even gray around him, only dark shades of black. The sudden viewing of everything being so dark scared him, jolting the hatchling from his current state of slow and content. He lowered his head down, visibly trying to become smaller. The amount of time he sat there, staring off into the darkness with the scent steadily becoming decreased, is unknown, but something eventually steadied his fear. It was a low flicker of gray and white, floating above the covered ground. The red hatchling stared at it, slowly growing interested in watching the flickering light. A few more appeared, though they were spaced so far apart that only small beams of pale light reached his eyes. As the drifted, the red hatchling raised his head and the fear in him drained away. These lights were catching all of his attention, distracting his few hour old mind from the darkness. The scent that surrounded him came back stronger, curling like a blanked around him and drifting in streams of good smell. It seemed to affect the lights, since they started to slowly float towards him. The first one he saw got to him first, its gray and white light flickering lightly. The red hatchling started at it as it floated around him and, like any other child, tried to grab it. It easily moved away from his clumsy hands, now with a second light joining it. The hatchling narrowed his pupil less eyes in concentration and, raising both clawed hands, slashed down. This seemed to work, as one light darted away and the second went down to the ground. Lowering his head, the red hatchling sniffed it as it's light flickered hectically. And, like any other child, he stuck out his tongue and tried to roll it into his mouth. That didn't work as well as he thought it would, as the thing had lots of sharp pieces moving around and the lighted area warmed his tongue uncomfortably. Unfortunately for the bug, he was able to get it into his jaws and crunched it up. It didn't have much of a taste and the light stung his throat on the way down, but the feeling of actually eating something was new and definitely good. So, for the next few minutes, the red hatchling used his time to leaping around and swallowing the lights. Of course, it was still very dark and he tripped endlessly, leaving some light aches on his chest, neck, and chin, but the feeling of eating was euphoric. Eventually, the lights he was still chasing went out, leaving the hatchling in the cold darkness. Even with a belly full of distasteful bugs, the hatchling didn't like seeing nothing and curled himself down, pulling his tail around him. He didn't know where he was, but he could still feel the multiple stalks on the ground and hear the low humming of the stream he had drunken out of. Tired out by his activities of the day, the hatchling slowly drifted to sleep.
  10. The gray hatchling listened as intently as he could; even with the unique tone of the other hatchling's words, it was hard to hear them. Only a select few were clear enough for him and they didn't piece together very well. -Not know?...Sorry?....But I....what cave? In cave? How...?- Sniffing and blinking as he thought, the hatchling slowly pushed himself up so that he stood on all four legs, limbs trembling slightly. Hesitantly, he leaned forward so that his face was close to the other hatchlings, scarlet pupil less eyes scanning the gold and white dragon. After a moment, he opened his jaws and gurgled out some words, swishing his tail in the dirt. "W-wehat es yuou? Yu...you en ciav...alone? Skept...I? Why?" ------------------------------ The other hatchling had disappeared! It had startled Xil and he jerked his head up, the branches of the bush scratching his head uncomfortably. The Black Marrow had only just blinked and looked at the ground for a few seconds and now the other hatchling was gone. Curling his lips down in a frown, the fleshy hatchling swung his tail around in agitation and started to back out of the bush. He would have to try and find the other hatchling; they were the only ones around here and, even if they weren't friendly with him, he had to try something. What else was he going to do? It took a few seconds for Xil to realize that he was stuck. The bush didn't seem to want him to leave and the branches were starting to really dig into his back and sides. Scrabbling at the dirt with his claws, trying to get a purchase in the dry ground, the Black Marrow's breathing started to quicken. Am...Am I going to be stuck? Am I stuck?! Am I going to be stuck here forever?! I-I don't want to be stuck here forever! I-I need to get out! Since he was small, Xil was not one of strength. Being only a day old dragon, his claws weren't as sharp as they could be and only beat at the sharp branches in vain. His withering around was shaking up the bush, but he was most defiantly stuck, which made him panic even more.
  11. The white hatchling was starting to feel something that he could only call 'hunger', a word that he could just barely think of. His stomach, while not making any sounds yet, was starting to drag at his attention and Sighco felt uncomfortable just sitting around listening to the others get organized. After a moment of mulling over his options, the white hatchling moved around Zia's large tail and towards the rock and Zeditha. He tried not to draw the attention of the group of hatchlings, keeping his head low and steps quick until he was closer to the older winged black hatchling. Tilting his head to the side, Sighco cleared his throat before addressing Zeditha. "C-can we hurry up? I-i think that I'm h-hungry."
  12. Here are some pictures I finally scanned into the computer. The first three are older, while the last one is new and has a simpler style (wanted to try it out, but I'll probably go back to doing one big picture for each dragon). Mimiko Chessayia Older Novia Avio + Aracelis + Novia <--- New one.
  13. A mix of Binding of Isaac and OFF. Really enjoying playing OFF, with its surreal plot and world (and the fact that I fought a whale in a shopping mall).
  14. Mers had listened quietly as Azre came back, blinking as she realized that the red hatchling wanted her and Kurai to go outside, into the sharp, painful, blinding light. Swinging her head side to side as a gesture of 'no', Mers glanced at Kurai before staring at Azre. I don't want outside. Too bright, painful to my eyes. "Eieys wier hurt, paiinss fwrom te lightsss. Neot goinwg owt, no." The Cavern Lurker's reply was rumbled and throaty, her tongue still getting in the way. She licked her lips as she watched both Azre and Kurai's reactions, tail curled around her side and tucked close to her clawed hands.
  15. The gray hatchling heard the sounds, low and way too muffled, but lilting and almost sing-song. His eyes still felt like they were being stung, even with his clawed hands covering them, and the hatchling was still trembling from the cold, tail curled around him for comfort. It took a few more seconds for some of the words to process in his mind and the hatchling had to organize what was being said and the meanings of each sound. -Lonely? I...I'm cold...and....Who-who here? Someone...lonely, cold? I...not want lonely...but...cold, somebody take away? Not want lonely...cold...Who here?- Finally realizing that someone else was really here, that someone was speaking to him and asking him something, the hatchling got up the courage to pull his hands away and look around. His scarlet eyes, void of pupils or any other color, blinked a few times, trying to dispel the blurriness around him. As the surroundings cleared, the hatchling found the other that had been speaking to him, focusing his red eyes on them. The other hatchling was bright colored and was looking at him. The gray hatchling stared back and, after a second, slowly pushed himself up to a sitting position. Tilting his head, the hatchling remembered that a 'question' had been asked, which meant that an answer needed to be given. His voice was a low rumble, with his three tongues seemingly getting in the way and garbling his words. Even as he spoke, however, the hatchling could just barely hear his own words. Everything seemed rather muffled and that was a pressing question in his head. "Iei...not lonelwy? Whier...whire you...? Wheir I...Whire I now? Why...why low? Muf...mufflied? So...so quiet."
  16. He was woken up by a loud noise. The creature had his eyes closed, claws curled shut and tail twisted around one of his legs. The sound actually startled him, since the hatchling has been living in complete silence whenever he woke up. While the noise had been muffled and a little quiet, it was enough. His thoughts were slow, but more connected than before, and he pulled up his head so that he was touching the wall of his shell behind him. Hesitantly, the hatchling raised a clawed hand up to touch the wall opposite of him. -Out...I...I want....sounds out...I want...out...- He leaned forward, pressing his hand against the shell. That did nothing, so he pulled up his other clawed hand and pressed it forward as well. Again, nothing happened. Sleeping was an option, but the hatchling now had it firmly in his head that getting out was something he wanted. Leaning back and pulling his arms against his chest, the hatchling hesitated as he tried to assess the situation. -Out? Want...I want...out. So why...no out? Want out...want out...I want out!- A flicker of anger raised itself into his chest and the hatchling pressed forward with his hands once more, now tilting his head down and pressing his forehead against the shell as well. It didn't give and, becoming frustrated and irritated, the hatchling pulled his hands back and then slammed them against the shell. He did it a few more times before something happened. A crack appeared in the wall. It was small and barely let in any light, but it was blinding to the hatchling. It surprised him and he snapped open his mouth to let out a squawk of angry sound. Lashing his claws forward, he attacked the wall with as much force as his body could give, tail joining in on his frustration. The crack got steadily more, with smaller ones appearing wherever his claws dug in. After that, it didn't take much for the shell to cave and the hatchling fell forward into the blinding light. It wasn't comfortable and he let out a loud sound, which didn't sound loud at all to him. The noise he created was a murmur in his ears and he didn't like that. His hands slapped over his snout, covering his closed eyes, and the air sent shivers over his gray body. He didn't like that he could not make a louder sound and was irritated that he could not voice his discomfort like he wanted. So, he let out a long, loud, and angry shriek.
  17. Rim looked over at Madness, nodding his head. The Purple Dorsal hatchling now was fully confident that it was something that they could eat. Before he could do anything or say something else though, Rim felt his belly do something. It growled and Rim felt confused for a moment, before the scent that was coming off the red furry creature started to become tantalizing. Circling around it, the Dorsal hatchling used one of his clawed hands to scrap at the red fur that covered the fox. It came out in large chunks and stuck to his claws, so Rim had to use his other hand to get some of it off, but part of the creatures side was now clear of most of the fur. Rim stared at the bare skin for a moment before deciding that he wanted to try it and dropped his head down. His sharp fangs ripped into the foxes side, breaking the skin with easy. The flow of flavor and taste was sudden and Rim attacked it a little more viciously. It smelled good and tasted good, as well as feel good when he swallowed chunks down, so the Dorsal was perfectly fine eating it. It didn't take long for his stomach to fill, as he was still a small hatchling, and Rim snapped a piece of meat away before backing up. Chewing on it for a second, the Dorsal glanced at the three hatchlings around him before swallowing. He hesitated, tongue darting out to lick his lips, before speaking. "Iet very, very good. Yeis, iet food and...very good."
  18. Icarus let out a breath as his name was called, not even realizing that he had been holding it. The Winter Magi felt immense relief that he had been called. It meant that he was needed and wanted for the group, even with this disability of his. A small smile graced his lips and Icarus raised his head a little higher. He acknowledged Perla's presence with a nod, head tipped towards where he thought she was. His tail twitched on the ground and Icarus spoke softly, the smile still on his face. "You did good as well." --------------------- Shinzu blinked as his name was called, breaking off the random plan of following the group if he didn't make the cut. He let out a small breathe, hands stilling from creating patterns in the dirt. He turned to glance at the Hellhorse hatchling that had called out and thought over the question. After a moment, he gave a small nod as his answer. The Moonstone knew that he was an important part of the group. Shinzu was ready for the journey.
  19. Dimakus nodded thoughtfully, already thinking of finding a map and going to this 'Scholary'. He looked up as the red Nebula left, juggling with the idea of yelling 'thanks' after her, but dismissed the thought. She had already left the room. Dimakus glanced around the place once more, ignoring the other hatchlings and looking for a nearby map. His ears flicked involuntarily and the Magi hatchling trudged out of the room, gaze directed to the walls. Fortunately, there was a guide next to the entrance and Dimakus raised his head up to scan it over. Pinpointing the small lettering that indicated where the Scholary was, the Magi turned right and started on his path, replaying the route in his head over and over as he walked. (Short post, just needed to say that I'm still around.)
  20. Sighco blinked up at Zia, flicking his tail against the ground. The white hatchling gave an answer quickly, his speaking becoming less filled with stuttering and more smooth. "I'm fine, it's alright." He stood up, wings shifting on his back, and glanced over to where Zeditha was. Looking back to Zia, Sighco gestured with one of his clawed hands to the darker colored hatchling before speaking again. "I was j-just going to go hear what Zeditha has to s-say."
  21. Sighco had listened quietly to the interactions between the white hatchling, Soven, and the other hatchlings, including the new Dianora. He didn't speak up or make his presence known, only watching with a small curved frown on his face. Maybe he was feeling a little smidgen of jealousy, with the fact that Soven was getting more attention than him and was definitely more involved with the others. (Am I just being ignored?) Sighco wasn't trying to talk to the others or be friendly with them, which was probably why he was not being talked to. The white hatchling lifted his head and made a low sniffing sound, his small wings shuffling on his back. They caught his attention and Sighco stretched them open, searching them for a hint of a feather, for a hint of something that looked as pretty as the things on Soven's wings. They were bare, however, and Sighco thought for a moment that they were rather ugly. (Maybe it's because Soven looks better than me. He has better wings, after all.) Blinking his gray eyes slowly, Sighco angled his head around to stare at the other white hatchling, who was up close to Dianora's side. Maybe he could go talk to him, ask him why his wings looked better? It seemed like a good plan, but Sighco had seen how Soven reacted when Geo bounded over. It probably wouldn't be a good idea to just barge over to him; Sighco was certain he wouldn't want somebody to do the same to him. So Sighco continued to stay seated, watching the other white hatchling and waiting for an opportunity to talk to him.
  22. Sighco had grumbled to himself at Zeditha's words, digging his clawed hands into the dry dirt. He hadn't liked the answer that said he was not up to par with the other, larger hatchlings and the white hatchling turned his gaze to the ground, eyes slitted in a frown. The distraction of another egg being found was not welcome, but, while not letting go of the previous conversation, Sighco cautiously watched this new 'Soven' attach himself to Zeditha. Flapping his small wings for a second, Sighco moved hesitantly closer to the two hatchlings, tail dragging in the dirt and gaze flicking from Zeditha to Soven. He tilted his head, gray eyes surveying the other white dragon. He had better looking wings than Sighco and was more...feathery looking. Sighco wondered if he was going to become a 'Watcher' and felt a little irritated at the thought. He hoped this other hatchling wasn't going to be better than him or get more attention.
  23. Sighco had followed after Zia and Geo, though he did trip up a few times and had some trouble figuring out how his legs worked. His naked wings sometimes stretched open and flapped up and down whenever he lost his balance, though they were too small to do much. As the hatchling listened to what was being said between the other dragons, he tilted his head and wondered what it meant to be a 'Watcher'. From what was being talked about, anyone who could get to top of the rock was a 'Watcher', which seemed to be an important position. (Zeditha seems to be in charge, right? Is a Watcher second in charge? If that's true, then I want to be a Watcher.) Letting out a little 'hmming' noise in thought, Sighco scanned the rock that Zeditha and two others were perched on. He turned his head to look at his wings, which flapped around uselessly at his look. They weren't going to do anything and, from how some of the other dragons, like Zia and Geo, weren't going up the rock, it looked like there was only a few who had working wings. Staring up at Zeditha, his eyes narrowed and sharp mouth curved into a frown, Sighco let out a high-pitched whine with his words. "Why d-don't I have good wings? C-can I just c-climb the rock?"