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  1. Do the other dragons unlock as you finish rounds? I wasn't able to click on any besides the green and the red and I am still on my first go so, just wondering :3 For others mentioning their phones.... it won't work for me either, I have to be on an actual computer. I can still collect treats fine.
  2. Aaaaaand i'm completed! Holy cow lol. Huge thanks to everyone who helped out. Special shout out to: maratrekkan, xPink Monkeyx, YliahNodel, and jacquelyn1998 for sending huge amounts of flowers <3!!
  3. Thanks to an amazing couple of people, I got a good dent in the flowers I need! This is what I now need! <3
  4. These are the flowers I need! Thanks in advance! Going to send to who I can!
  5. Anyone needing Smol Snek sent? (I have one to send but I haven't had one sent to me and I would love one for my collection!)
  6. Oooo me, me!! Strange animal fact.. right here! lol
  7. Most welcome! I've been lucky with the blues and wanted to share the love Enjoy!
  8. I managed to catch an extra blue fire gem if anyone is still having difficulties getting one They were just caught so I can't teleport them for another few hours.
  9. Thank you for the gorgeous eggs, and Happy Holidays everyone! My game is glitched too, I have a window on top of a window and a rug on the wall but it won't let me edit to fix it
  10. Thank you sooooo much! I am trying to understand the game but it's just lost on me completely lol.
  11. I hate to ask, but could someone help me solve this? I really suck at this game, I have been trying since yesterday to win but with no luck....I know, it's pathetic. lol. *Crawls into corner of shame*
  12. Woooooow, can't even nab one :/ -Weeps in a corner- lol