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  1. Gotcha! Scroll name: Threw a snow-ball at: Icecrash
  2. Cream of wheat with buttered wheat toast.
  3. 1. I've also had a nice education. I've managed to get a nice amount of scholarships, so I don't have any loans (so far). 2. I like my dry humor. 3. I have nice hair. 4. I read at a nice speed. 5. I'm an animal person. 6. I've taken in 2 puppies and a betta fish. 7. I like my height of 5'5". 8. My eyes are pretty. 9. I can crochet really well. 10. I'm in a happy relationship. We just celebrated our third anniversary.
  4. The worst would probably be that I washed my old pink iPod nano. A blow dryer on low for a couple of hours saved it though.
  5. Gotcha! Scroll name: neurotransmitter Threw a snow-ball at: Sukkubus Hit me with it!!! Scroll name: neurotransmitter
  6. Gotcha! Scroll name: neurotransmitter Threw a snow-ball at: lilagrubb
  7. Hit me with it!!! Scroll name: neurotransmitter Gotcha! Scroll name: neurotransmitter Threw a snow-ball at: Matmetchi
  8. Hit me with it!!! Scroll name: neurotransmitter
  9. Last night I had a dream I had a live snake and some other animal in a makeshift bag. I apparently had to take them to class for dissection. I am terrified of snakes, so I spent what felt like hours fighting with knocking it out. It's been hours, but I remember it vividly. My weirdest dreams to date would have to been when I would wake up and experience sleep paralysis. To anyone who has these, you should try to relax AND do not open your eyes.
  10. I only scored 23%...kinda disappointing.
  11. I tried this a long time ago in high school and failed miserably. Now that I'm a sophomore in college, I think I might actually give this thing a whirl. It may be a bunch of nonsense, but it'll kick my butt into gear and get the words out there. Edit: My username on there is also neurotransmitter.
  12. I voted for other because my absolute favorite subject (and passion) is psychology. Followed by sociology, chemistry, and literature.
  13. I had coffee with an Almond Joy creamer added.
  14. I love eggnog with pumpkin spice added. It's one of the only things that makes the cold weather bearable.
  15. It's super windy with a high of 45F. Just last week, I was able to wear shorts.
  16. It's not working for me either, but I've only tried it two or three times today.
  17. My current obsessions would be my maintain betta fish tank, the tv show Psych, and reading YA novels. I never have time to play video games, though I do spend plenty of time watching tv shows and playing with my dragons.
  18. I generally speak only English, but I've taken the time to learn a nice bit of French and American Sign Language.
  19. I actually have heterochromia; there is blue surrounding my pupils and the rest of my iris is green. Sometimes you can't really tell the difference of colors, so they just look like a seafoam green. I love my eyes...minus my terrible near-sighted vision. -7.50 and -8.0 if anyone knows about prescriptions. I actually don't know what they would be compared to 20/20.
  20. I didn't hate it, minus having to have a cavity filled. Nowadays, it's less fun because I don't know the new hygienist, which means I don't get a bouncy ball.