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togetic.gif <--- I haven't got very many dragons, but if I have something you would like me to breed, just pm me :D

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    England (why does everyone live in America?)
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    Hiza! Im Buzzardstar (my scroll is Buzzardleap though). I am currently a silver trophy and hoping to be gold at some point. I name ALL my dragons as soon as they hatch with almost no exeptions. However most the names have no real meaning. My BFF is Saltpath. Here is some other stuff about me:
    My fav:
    Animal: Dogs and horses (i have got a really cute dog but not got a horse because my garden is too small.
    Adult sprite: Winter magi
    Hatchie sprite: Yulebucks4everz
    Eggie: GW and Hellhorse.
    Dragon breed: Hellhorse (got an army forming)
    My least fav:
    Food: Mushroom (bleurgh)
    Spell: Oranges
    Dragon: Dont have one because that would be mean.
    Scroll stats:
    GoN: 1/2
    Leetle tree: 0/1
    Valantines: 0
    Halloweens: 15
    Christmases: …
    Dinos: 0/5