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  1. This is my current desktop. If you know where the background's from, I love you.
  2. I was once a brony, I don't know why, but the show appealed to me. Now, I think bronies are just meh. While there are some extremists and such, I'd like to assume most are moderate with the amount of "Love and tolerate the out of you".
  3. "Prophet of Doom" - D.A.M. Highly underrated metal.
  4. In Terraria, I was exploring underground with no armor and no defense, when I fell a long ways. I was saved by a 4x2 patch of water, the only one on the screen.
  5. Was incredibly rainy and windy, now just overcast.
  6. Regurgitated Guts in My Pants ...Wonderful.
  7. Update: They're compatible and gave me a Gold Wyvern first try!
  8. Spoilers abound in this thread. In Super Metroid, when the baby Metroid sacrifices itself to save Samus.
  9. My two CB Gold Wyverns gendered one male and one female. Possible PB 2nd gen Gold Wyvern.