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Not very active in the forums, but happy to breed something for you. Just shoot me a PM about it if you see anything you like! Check profile for more information on breedings etc.

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    I can breed any of my dragons for free, if asked politely. I have a CB Gold Shimmer, and am willing to breed him. Some of my dragons do have set mates, so let me know if you want a certain pair bred. Open to trading or gifting - not fussy on what I want in return. Messy, even gen, inbred...anything goes!

    May accept IOUs if you’re trustworthy. Otherwise I’d prefer to not take them.

    A note about Fires of Idirsholas (CB gold Shimmer) - I will trade/gift offspring (2nd/3rd gen upwards). But...please don’t beg. Or badger me. That won’t get you anywhere. Probably won’t keep a list for him, either.

    I’m not overly active on the forums, but do check (fairly regularly) to see if I have any PMs, so might be a little slow in getting back to you. If you don’t get a reply, or think I’ve forgotten, feel free to send another message!

    Most of my dragons are currently unnamed...though I am (slowly) working on it. Sorry about that!