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  1. They're male and have bright colours-yeah! I already have beautiful Silky-Radiant Angel lineages in my head *looks around crazy*
  2. Ah, I'm trying to catch 2ndgens, ubt my internet is too slow :-(. But I'm going on trying!
  3. The Tinselkin is at his new owner's... I picked the person randomly out of the three offers I got. The next mate is going to be a Thunder for a 2nd gen swap to build an even-gen lineage. I'm so happy about this all!
  4. Ladys, Gentlemen: The very first offspring of Silky! A Terrae Tinselfail! Will be gifted :-) http://dragcave.net/lineage/WjK1b
  5. I did...715-what a great number! Thank you, you all! Only 6 minutes until she grows up an I'll try to breed her.. I'm soooo ecited!
  6. Two hours left and 8 clicks to do...Should be possible, not? I can't wait to breed her, luckily, I'll be able to stay up until she grows up *phuu*
  7. 701 clicks *lol* I missed her 700th click, it' kind of funny So, I'll just wait for the net nice and round number, the 715. Sounds nice, not?
  8. *lol* I'm not feeling bad about it. I mean, I got 700 clicks. 700 ip-adresses clicked on my egg. Isn't this great? I think it's amazing. And I mean, I own a gold Tinsel. I didn't even thought about owning a 5th gen Tinsel before I won the raffle, it was never realistic for me to own even 3rd gen metals. And now, I own one of the rarest dragons ever. I think it's amazing, and in 5 hours, I can start to spread this joy around a bit with 2nd gens and Tinselfails. I really want to thank TJ and the dc players. Without your advice, your help, your clicks, your comments, this would never became true. Thank you all so much!
  9. Yeah, right, everybody knows how they'll look like, so, we don't have curiousity on our site *lol* Indeed, Silky reached 690. But I think I'll need to fog her in 15 minutes or so because I'm going to gym and I don't want to miss the 700.. So I think she'll be fogged from 19-20 O'clock or so. The super-coolest thing ever would be if she reachs the 700 in the net twenty minutes, but I think that's not realistic, as the biggest run on her ist over. The first day got her 300 clicks, today only 50 or so :-)
  10. Oh, Silky will grow up in six hours! Wonderful,I want to breed! But there are still 21 clicks to do to the 700...I'm kind of worried if she reachs them. I mean, 679 clicks are great, but a nice, round 700 would be kind of amazing, not?
  11. The Green looks great with the gold, not? :-) Only a few hours, ans she is at 666 clicks. My Goal is to reach 700, ans I Hope That will work :-). Sorry for the writing, Autocorrect in German while writing a post in english is Kind of weird *lol*
  12. I love the cb Soulpeace, so pretty! Oh, I can't wait to have the 30 hours until Silky grows up over! I want to start the breeding now! *lol* Her first mate is already chosen, this cb Terrae: http://dragcave.net/lineage/tFDGt The combination with the green and the gold is just awesome and my favourite one, I think. :-) I just need a cool name for the Terrae. Suggestions? Maybe something with velvet, or "Samt", which is velvet in german?
  13. I think Silky won't get the 1250 clicks, sadly. She has one day and nine hours left and is "only" at 637 clicks, but that's a pretty big number, not? :-) I think 700 or 750 are pretty realistic, and I think I'll wait to a round, smooth number (700 would be cool, or 777) and then fog her until she gets an adult, at least, if not a wonder happens and she's getting masses of clicks now *lol*
  14. Awesome! Thanks TJ! *Already imagines lovley lineages with Silky and Valentine dragons of the fututre*
  15. I am trying for the clicks, I don't think views would have even a chance with Logics 311115 views *lol*
  16. My favourite is MUSIC, it's great! And I think the second place for me is m00ny. Awesome.
  17. Raphy, I again thought about Silken Silk and now renamed her to Silken Silk-I mean, Silky, Silk, Silken! It's the perfect silky silken silk! I am a silk fan and need to have this name on a dragon coded Silky. Now my head turns around-to much silk in one sentence Wow, Commander Wymsy! That's a lot of clicks! I don't want to beat the 1250 definitley. But 1000 clicks would be great!
  18. Sort of I wanted to name Silky, I think I found something...strange, but nice to listen to. And hey, I am strange, I'm allowed to give my dragons strange names! One of my Zombies is named Zombie Tombie, Tombie from tombstone *lol*. Silky is now named Luminous Silk . I wanted an adjective and Silk, (Silken Silk isn't taken, strange, not? But I thought that would be to much silk in one dragon ), and that was the best one I was able to find. I like it!
  19. I thinks Silky is the most clicked one of the current Prize dragons O.o Views : 27583 Unique views: 10184 Clicks: 549 Not that far to the 600, but only 2 days and 6 hours left until she grows up, so it could get hard to get over 1250 clicks. I'm pretty happy with the stats she has right now-I mean, 10184 different IP-adresses looked at my egg, image this! It's amazing! But as I am such a greedy person, I would adore to get over 1250 clicks, .
  20. Oh my. Silky just gotover 500 clicks and 900uvs, and over 25000views. It's amazing to see what the dc players can do together. Thank you all so much for helping me to let this come true!
  21. Silky hatched AND gendered! Female, luckily! Nearly 500clicks, nearly 9000 uv and nearly 25000views. Looks like she'll get more uvs and clicks than Logic! You're awesome! It's great to see what we players can do!
  22. Myone is going to hatch short before midnight in my local time-and I need to be realxed and fine tomorrow, I can't sleep to little .What to do? I want to be the first one who sees her hatched, I don't want to fog her, I want to sleep enough, that just doesn't work! EDIT: She's gaining views, uvs and clicksso fast I want to thank you all a lot.If it's going on like this, she will have more clicks than Logic when she grows up.Thank you. You're amazing.
  23. Right,clicksites alone are giving masses of views, but relativley little unique views. Silky is posted in my forum signatures, that brought her to a current V:UV ratio of 2.8:1 . And for the clicks, Yarolds seems to bring a lot and the forum here.
  24. Right, Yarolds is greatfor the clicks. I entered someofmydragons (ordinary commons) in thereand they're all around 50clicks now. For the views: Ijust places Silky in all hatcheries that are shown in the dc wikia and in all my forum signatures with a sentence like "please click and share her!". So I don't know where everywhere she's hanging around, but I know some persons posted her on facebook, in their signatures and so on.
  25. I also enjoy the chance of getting huge numbers of views-Silky got her 15.000th view and her 5000th unique view and is on the way to her 400th click, and She'll hatch in 8 hours!I can't wait to see her hatching! You know what would be the worst case? If she now genders, altough I influenced her to be female, male... How high is the chance that this happens? 99:1? Lower?