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Raffle winner : http://www.dragcave.net/lineage/Silky You own the name Silk? Contact me!Prize Dragon info in profile.All 3 slots for 2nd gen gold Tinsels and all 5 slots for Tinsel fails are currently full, sadly! I'll announce open slots in my signature!Sorry for my English, I'm from Germany april2000.png

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    Germany-please forgive my maybe soetimes strange English!
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    Here's some info about my breeding plans for Silky, my cb gold Tinsel.

    If you want to trade for a 2nd gen Tinsel or a Tinselfail, then you have to get on my list: Free places on the list are visible in my signature, if there are any. There are 3 places for 2nd gen Tinsels and 5 places for Tinselfails. If you want to get on the list, a PM is enough if any places are free.
    I breed Silky weekly to different mates. If you want a specific mate, feel free to tell me.
    I don't want something like tons of Silvers or Golds for 2nd gens. Normally, I'm looking for cb uncomons or rares (Blusang, Trio, Copper...) and Tinsel/Shimmerswaps are always welcome for 2nd gens. For Tinselfails, I'm happy with cb commons/uncommons. If you get a place on my list, I'll give you a list of dragons I would like in that moment :-)
    I accept IOUs, so it's absolutley no problem to give me your dragon a few weeks after you got your 2nd gen/Tinselfail.

    After I finished the current list (=no one of the current list is on the list anymore, every slot is filled up with persons who are not from the current list) I will always make a little list break of 3-4 breedings attempts. Everybody who is on the list will stay there and just need to wait for 3-4 weeks until I attempted producing offspring 3-4 times. If there isn't or is any offspring after 3-4 trials, I'll go back to the list!
    This "between-list" offspring will be for the "free trade" and for gifting and swapping with other cb owners.

    If you are on my list, you'll always get an informatino PM from me when you're on the 2nd place so we have time to talk about the trade we're going to make.

    If you still have questions, feel free to PM me :-)