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    (Sorry to resurrect a dead thread, but it's what I do best.) The main issue is that unlike your decision to eat meat or not eat meat, people care about the morality of killing other people. Sure, I don't care about the cow that goes into my sandwich, but I do care about what I perceive to be murder. Even if you don't agree that it's murder to kill an unborn child, you have to understand the panic of people who do. Saying you can't understand why people are against abortion and can't be apathetic about it is just silly. You'd be similarly panicked if there was existing legislature allowing people to go and butcher up their neighbors, but the argument for it would be that if YOU don't personally support the killings you don't have to partake, but you can't stop them because people should be allowed to live within the law.
  2. Gift received To: htt71 From: Nz-pupz Lineage link: http://dragcave.net/lineage/TV3nl Lister wants to be removed? No
  3. So, is it normal for teleport actions that have been completed to have one party receive the eggs/hatchlings while the other side doesn't? Like, is there a reasonable wait time to expect before receiving the agreed eggs/hatchlings?
  4. Caught 3 CB Gold Wyverns in a row
  5. This is actually a very valid point. I don't understand climate change denialism... well, rather, I understand why people deny it, I don't understand why we don't just ignore them. All denying climate change does is like the pockets of those benefitting from industries that damage the planet in some way, and I can understand why trump denies it, as a result. Sure, it makes him an idiot and a liar if he knows the truth, but it makes sense from an economic standpoint to want to win people over on an issue such as climate change in order to allow oneself to profit. I say we just ensure we're electing officials that can be trusted to make the correct decisions to congress and hope they follow through, because that's all we can really do in america's "democracy".
  6. Living wage doesn't equate to comfortable wage. I can't name a place in the country that has a minimum wage that someone couldn't live off of. The main problem with raising minimum wage in the first place is that it discourages people from adding new people to the workforce, as they'll have to pay workers more at minimum for low-skill jobs, and it's just more cost effective to hire less people, which is a problem with how competitive the market is for most of these jobs. It also is just an issue for these businesses of every size, because paying your employees more doesn't equal more revenue, it just means losing more money with no turnover. This wouldn't be such a problem if every business was large, but not every one is, and smaller businesses may be forced to lay off workers as a result of the higher base pay.
  7. I'm confused as to what more decisions against minorities you're speaking about. If you're referring to any injustices that have been occurring as a result of racism within the police force, that's a judicial issue, not an executive one. It's not like the president makes policy about keeping us minorities in our place. And it's not like minimum wage needs to be raised. If you want to talk about ruining an economy, constantly raising minimum wage is one way to do it.
  8. That is correct, but without a military to defend the country we wouldn't have voting at all, because there wouldn't be a country to vote in.
  9. Let's all just calm down about trump supporters allegedly wanting to lynch minorities. That's a baseless claim, and doesn't really contribute a whole lot. I expect rioting after Trump'a election, but I also expected rioting if Hillary got elected. The whole country isn't going to suddenly fall into anarchy over the president changing. It's the policies they're going to enact during their term in office that'll cause the anarchy. Plus, anyways, who cares if Trump gets supported by the kkk? Hillary is supported by Saudi Arabia.
  10. I Am Saphira That'd be Eragon's dragon.
  11. Typing a draft of my story for NaNoWriMo... I'm 2000 words behind.
  12. Pink dragons are chaste, and their influence BSA also makes the target egg chaste. Don't bother with them. What does egg-locked mean?
  13. Red Hot Chili Peppers by a long shot. Those dudes are legendary.
  14. Pacified Aegis Pacified Aegis or Seragamma wyvern