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  1. I want to participate! Forum name: Scourge Scroll name: Likki Wishlist: [ANY GEN - ANY GENDER] 1. Paper 2. Cheese 3. Thunder 4. Chicken 5. Green_Dino 6. Red_Dino
  2. Your very welcome I'm glad you like it.
  3. Can someone send me one please? I havent got any, and i killed 5 dragons for nothing...
  4. I have completed your sprite request. Hope you like it, and thank you for requesting. ^^
  5. The cats design is so unique It looks awesome. Thanks for requesting ^^ Oh god, she's so pretty! O: I love this design so much, I'll be honest, she would be an awesome Bloodclan warrior. Holly. She's terrifying. But I love it <3 You also didn't say what color collar you wanted, so I just did red, because I thought it would suit her the most. Hope you don't mind :3
  6. Yep, their gorgeous :3 And if your getting a zombie, wait a few hours. If your still getting it, wait till the next day, then you should be able to visit the Graveyard. But It's nothing much, you just see dead dragons people killed.
  7. You do not win anything in the corn maze. Its just something to do while your bore or something. And if you encounter a zombie dragon, wait till the next day and try goimg to th graveyard. It will basically show all the dragons which have been killed.
  8. I got that 2 days ago, then yesterday, in London, ther was a tornado (hurricane gales) And a tree fell on me, so, there werent any happy opportunites for me... Maybe you will be lucky
  9. In fact, the set game is glitched, not sure if its only for me, or for everyone. I do a set, but it says It's not a set? Image
  10. ''You are in grave danger, my friend.'' Oh mah gawd. What should I do. Guys, I don't see the point in this whole carnival? Do you get something in the graveyard? Do you win anything after completing the Corn Maze? Sorry, the idea is pointless.
  11. Use your psychic powers How do I freeze my dragons?
  12. Guys, do i win anything if i complete the corn maze???
  13. I have hatched eggs from the AP! Dragon Codes -T6aIY - pAooG - RuKfI - lVZcC - su2Wk - PjUkE - oFubp - l3Ioe - B9hUb - LVmu4 - hmnnb - GQlGL - JlKmo - wGYkq - OHhYW - yU6cY - DqcPw - H6XL1 - 0yn7c - r5eX2 - SgIeA - NggSE - uipVw - v2i45 - pLWF5 - Qm3Nh - wb22t - BtxUG - GKGfd - Krk7S Scroll Name - Likki Gifting them to somebody, or keeping it? - Keeping ^^ Total Points - 52 + 30 = 82 >>LIST<<