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  1. In a previous comment I read someone saying they refreshed their browser, went back into the house and get out again. I had the same issue as you. I entered the game, hit F5, went back into my house, got out and I saw the next quest ^^
  2. Kegluneq

    Lineage Advice

    Thanks to both of you for the suggestions I didn't read them on time so I went for a Silver, but I still have one Solstice left so I'll definitely try one of them!
  3. I too was expecting that one to be the one >.<
  4. ...Yeah +1 While eggs are still influenceable ^^ And now I have a reason to grab some Mistletoes ^^
  5. Would you like one? For free. I haven't bred mine yet And the other one I'll pair it with a Mint ^^
  6. Kegluneq

    Lineage Advice

    Hi! ^^ So, I'll breed a 2G Day Solstice for someone, what mate would look good for a stair? I feel a bit lost :B
  7. Thank you for the out of bounds option, guys! It reseted my game but I managed to end day 1 just fine, or at least the game itself told me "day 1 completed" ^^ Anyway, can't wait to see the rest of the days of it! ^^
  8. Thanks for the mention ^^ I just read about your problem and yes, I saw the same grey background too and then the screen went all dark and just hear the music. I'll edit my post adding some screen captures that were a bit difficult to take because the game loads up real fast I hope it gets fixed later because it's a very nice game! ^^
  9. The game is soo good! *3* Though it just kinda froze. I'm looking for PERL but can't find her, then somehow managed to get out of the map in the "far east", then went north east, near a guy that tells you something like "I'll take these logs out soon" then a little bit south there's a log blocking the path... I was at the right side of the log and when walking west to get to the log the screen started loading something, like it's loading another area... The music continues but nothing shows up on screen T__T I exit the game and go back again and again but it doesn't work. Edit: I'm adding a couple of screen captures: When I re-enter the game I see the loading bar and then this pops up: << that's my current and exact location And immediately darkens like it's moving to another area: Thanks in advance if anyone could take a look at this ^^
  10. Yeah, I kinda saw some pattern ^^ Besides I'll be somewhat busy this year so I need to get things organized, so a little hint is always helpful ^^
  11. Is it okay to assume Christmas event will start on December 19th? I just want to make sure D:
  12. It seems I'm experiencing the same. I'm not at home right now but I've been online for about an hour and half and I think I grabbed about 4 or 5 (in that time)
  13. I'd love to but only shinies I can pick are Golds, Silvers and GWs. I just gave up and use it on a GoN instead: PMUkQ If I use its lineage code it shows up the adult lol Now I'm eggloked with 8 eggs! *o*
  14. Nice! Though I can't use it on my CB Shimmer TT____TT
  15. Nope. I caught a couple of Indigos about four hours ago or so ^^
  16. Something aside from this, is it me or the moons rotate/orbit against each other?
  17. Thank you both of you! ^^ I was looking at the map and thought they might be eastern mainly because of Volcano and the east part of the forest, I forgot about morphology ^^U
  18. I don't know if it's been mentioned already but, since they drop in the Alpine, Desert and Volcano, is it correct to assume they're Eastern Dragons?
  19. My point is, I mean, the point of the theory, that since both moons are not in synch, the four elements of this theory: Sun, Valkemare, Aurax and Cirion, will reach those four positions where they'll be perfectly alligned. What would that mean in those particular scenarios? No moonlight will be striking Valkemare, but I'm just thinking in how things would happen in a physical manner, adding lots of layers of complexity to how the moons, or rather, their light, affects or influence Lunar Heralds. I'm even theorizing that the geographical location of Alpine, Desert and Volcano would, or even should, be a factor too, but that's not gonna happen. Although Valkemare is behaving more and more like a planet release after release, it's always going to be day or night at the same time in the entire Valkemare.
  20. There are moons with odd shapes after all So, here's the other two scenarios that come to my mind:
  21. It's just a quick, random example of the sizes, we don't know the exact proportions of the Moons and Valkemare of course; proportions, distances from each other, etcetera. But you're right, in that image Cirion would be really small compared to Aurax. Now that I think of it, I didn't think before of another 2 scenarios, let me open PS again and I'll get back >.<
  22. Some day or at some point both moons will share the same phase or have something in common. I let my imagination flow and wondering what would happen in these cases:
  23. Yes, that's right ^^ I mean, both moons were not in synch from the very beginning, I read TJ's post about it. Somehow I feel the current phase of both moons should be the decisive factor on the color of the eggs, being bred or CB. It's just a theory like I said in my previous post, but then again if Cirion was showing a different phase by mistake then the system itself was not confused about it. So far, it seems to me too that's going to happen: first Gold, then Bronze, Blue and Silver at last, and then all over again, because it seems one moon is affecting or influencing the pattern so far.
  24. Something I noticed: :B So, according to the adults description: "Lunar Heralds are deeply attuned to the two moons of Valkemare..." The day of the release (when the Golds dropped), both moons were in synch and as I was expecting they were corrected, right? The Blue, or Indigo ones, are the only color dropping right now though the moons are not in synch anymore. What I'm thinking, wondering, guessing is that we will get the chance to collect CB's of the same color till the Silvers drop. My theory is that both moons influence CB color, as well as influence breeding color. But since both moons were in synch in the beginning it was fair to drop and breed one kind at a time till we get the Silvers. The initial drop of the Silvers is yet to come, so once the Silvers start dropping in the Cave we will catch an breed Silvers (only) for about 4 days, just like the previous Gold and Bronze. If my theory is correct, once the "initial" drop of the Silvers finishes and Golds start dropping in the cave again we should see 2 different colors dropping from there on.
  25. I was wondering if you actually made the opposite genders lineage, and you did! I really like it! ^^