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  1. INTJ Introvert(53%) iNtuitive(9%) Thinking(22%) Judging(47%) You have moderate preference of Introversion over Extraversion (53%) You have slight preference of Intuition over Sensing (9%) You have slight preference of Thinking over Feeling (22%) You have moderate preference of Judging over Perceiving (47%) --------------------------------- hmmmmmmmmmmmmmm..... I felt like when I took my last psychological test (I'm a flight attendant), or it feels like applying for a job lol Questions like: 17. You spend your leisure time actively socializing with a group of people, attending parties, shopping, etc. 36. Often you prefer to read a book than go to a party 56. You prefer to spend your leisure time alone or relaxing in a tranquil atmosphere I answered "NO" to both 17 and 36, even though they kinda seem to be opposite questions. I mean, I don't like to go to parties but I don't like to read either, so what does it say about me? However questions 36 and 56 seem to be the same question so I answered "YES" to question 56. And then these questions: 14. You prefer to act immediately rather than speculate about various options 16. You are inclined to rely more on improvisation than on prior planning 55. Your decisions are based more on the feeling of a moment than on the thorough planning What the? They're asking the same thing, I really hate these kind of questions. Anyway I liked the test, at least it helps you to stay alert when they try to catch you in contradictions >.<
  2. Gold Tinsel Silver Tinsel Both gone, you're welcome, yellow_gellow and seaplash!
  3. Took the first one, thank you very much! ^^ And the last one as well D:
  4. I took this one, pertty nice lineage! I'll do my best to find a mate. Thanks a lot! ^^
  5. Yesterday, or two days ago, I don't remember well but when I collected my last batch of eggs, I caught 2 Val 09 sisters. At the moment, the rest of my eggs were in the insta-hatch phase so when I noticed I caught these 2 sisters I looked at their parents progeny and there where supposed to be 3 sisters. So I went back to the AP, and when I tracked down the last egg I clicked on it and got the "already overburdened" message, those other eggs just wouldn't hatch. A couple of minutes later when I had a free space to take the last sister she was already taken T__T
  6. I just started playing the event and I'm having a lor of fun. I'm sure everyone did the same but I just lol'd a this: You pick up a handful of gold COINS off the ground, hoping the DRAGON doesn't notice. Can't wait to explore all the possibilities And pretty cool eggs, btw!
  7. This one: https://dragcave.net/view/xxGeX
  8. Mine: https://dragcave.net/holidays16/Kegluneq I didn't get that much furniture because I couldn't play the game as much as I wanted. But me and Perl live happy together *w*
  9. Same here. Couldn't play everyday because on my pc it runs really slow, the sledding race, for example, would take 5 minutes to complete, and of course I won every time xP I just discovered yesterday that playing the game on cell phone is way faster, but I'm not very good moving my character with cell phone T__T Good game still, I really liked it ^^ Are the organizers sharing sprites of the game for sig space like last year?
  10. Alternate Custom Scroll. I order my dragons depending on how much I like the species, my favorites go first, then Elementals, then Holidays (Halloween, Christmas, Valentines -in that order-), Unbreedables, BSA's, other species I like a lot, Seasonals and all the rest of the species. Each race is ordered by gender and by date, the most recent ones at the bottom of their species order. After that I set up my scroll to show eggs and hatchies at the top.
  11. The worst thing I've ever done was freezing a hatchie "by mistake". I was going to hide it but I, and I wish to know why clicked the freeze option
  12. Same here. Especially with multi breed releases, I just dislike (to say the closest polite word) them. More than one breed released at the same time means trouble for me, I actually have a personal breeding project that I'll never finish, ever, and at the same time I look up for certaing CB dragons I like to collect. I try not to miss new releases becase you never know when the next rare dragon is going to arrive, anyway, I'm just hoping there won't be a november-january, even march release. We non hunting players need to keep up with our scroll goals too.
  13. I would really, REALLY love to see/get more Xenos, if they weren't that rare, or at least they are to me because I don't remember the last time I managed to catch one myself, that would be the only species I'd look for T__T Another example is the Seasonals, till last year I saw and got many (from the Forest, I'm not that lucky with Winters), but this year I rarely see them anymore. Basically those are the only 2 species (CB exemplars) I'm interested in, Xenos and Seasonals, every new release I just grab an "initial" quota of 16 and forget about them. So yeah, Seasonals used to be kind of common to me but now are rare.
  14. To the scroll that did the influencing, yes. I'm guessing that because if you transfer an egg it could be influenced again, so when the new owner influence it the influencing sentence will disappear on that scroll. But what about if you receive it back?
  15. A third BSA should be created, something that allows to re-influence an egg in the same scroll until you get or see the gender you want via Precognition. If you precog an egg after influencing it and are really unlucky to get the wrong gender sometimes you're too busy with real life to transfer back and forth until you're 100% certain. I'm just guessing that only applies to the scroll in question.
  16. Perl: I hope you liked your present! Snowa: I loved it! My fireplace was feeling lonely already! ...................... Really cool game! ^^ I would have loved to explore that cave next to that green dragon. I think that cave leads to another cave I saw in the north-east, when I revisited Bord. Or perhaps there was another way to reach it but couldn't find it. The biggest question for me was the color of my coat T__T Anyway, thank you for the amazing game, very well designed and I really like how the stories seem to continue. I wonder what we'll have next year ^^
  17. I got it and the day ended I'll pm you a screenshot of it if you want to take a look
  18. Nice quest today! Though the last puzzle *could be solved more easily by moving just three mirrors instead of just like 5 or 6, I thought I'd be able to move one of the mirrors on the top of the screen, because it doesn't have any obstacles, but couldn't. Was a piece of cake anyway* By the way, could someone make a gif of Perl walking?
  19. Exactly, lol It'd have been a really good answer to Ned if possible
  20. Would you do one of Perl walking too, matching Snowa's please? I'd love to wear it in my sig too *3*