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  1. Yes, please! To me it's just a matter of personal gameplay. Maybe someone has already said or experienced this, so, in my case... I don't go cave hunting that much, I'm only, mostly, interested in 3 species right now, all year long, aside from those 3 species whenever there's a new release I try to grab 8-16 (if I like the new species that much) of those new eggs and then bye-bye, then I go back for more of those 3 species. I'm not much of a breeder either. Anyway, what I'd like to say is (in general) you go hunting for something specific and suddenly you see a CB Silver dropping (miracles happen from time to time). I froze reading the Silver egg description a couple of days ago (besides, I wasn't looking for one) and you can guess the rest . Maybe this could be helpful for people who rarely see valuable eggs and might catch them and trade those valuable eggs for something else they'd like. Or just keep them. I'm fine if the mystery eggs stay, but I support this idea
  2. Thanks, Twimm ^^ I'll try to breed all my dragons for those who need them. I got plenty but I need to check if I already have proper mates for all of them
  3. So, my last chance to breed all my Christmas dragons is tomorrow 23:59, right? Not tonight 23:59? Just want to make sure because I haven't bred my dragons yet x.x
  4. HAVE: 2G Shimmer (gendered correctly) (and fogged) WANT: Best offer of Stair or Spiral Holly hatchies like these: Not necesearily Pinks, or Whites, or Winters or whatever, the previous links were just examples to give you an idea of what I'm seeking. No checkers, please. PM for trade link. TRADED!! THANKS!
  5. I give up for now. I have flu, I'm falling asleep on my chair so I'll be taking a nap =( GL to everyone! ^^
  6. Yes, please! Also, support the idea of flooding just Hollies and Yulebucks for some time.
  7. I didn't actually see it... I'll keep trying -.-
  8. I lack 1 Yulebuck too. I saw some dropping like 20 minutes ago or so.
  9. HAVE: 2G Shimmer WANT: Yass! CB Holly CB Yulebuck PM's welcome!! Edit: I'll be AFK for a couple hours, just letting you know.
  10. I support this, totally. Everyone's here for the Hollies.
  11. Me neither. Haven't missed any 5-min drop so far... Edit: saw a Yulebuck description just now.
  12. LOL I had prepared the Holiday biome before 00:00 and when refreshed there where no eggs, they really gone fast haha Anyway, good luck everyone!
  13. I'd be a hybrid between a Thalassa and an Omen. They look so powerful and gigantic. If I was a girl I'd be a Heartstealing. I have crush on those dragons ^^
  14. So, I don't know if I can post this here but here I go: I have migraines. Around these days last year was a nightmare for me. The week or the two weeks the Halloween stuff was around, I mean this year, I really pushed myself to the limit. You know, first week Cave hunting and second week AP hunting. My main problem is I need to sleep properly to stay "in control" so I had kind of a bad time during those two weeks. Anyway, that's the dumbest, stupidest thing I've done around here. Good thing Holiday events don't last very long xP
  15. Glad you like it! ^^ If you wish to have a 2G Soulstone mate for Valentines I'll reserve my other Soulstone and gift it to you so you could make a checker ^^
  16. Too bad this topic died like this. I believe freezing is cruel, I wonder what'd be worse: freezing a hatchling or having a messy adult sitting on my scroll. Anyway, I, Kegluneq, agree never to freeze a Hatchling... again >.< The one and only one hatchie I froze was a mistake. I really feel bad about it, I hope one day I'll be able to undo that '=(
  17. Some of my CB past Halloween dragons grew up today, I got the 3/3 adult dragons, clicked the Enter Raflle button, and got the "You've succesfully entered the raffle..." message, but a couple of days ago I didn't even get that message, though I visited the Monthly Raffle page several times and clicked the Enter Raffle button several times. Anyway, even though I feel sad and frustrated about this I just wanted to report, contribute with this experience. Hope it helps in the future.
  18. Kegluneq


    In my case, I think it was yesterday, I clicked the enter raffle button and like said above the page seemed to refresh but never got confirmation I entered the raffle. Tried different stuff, refreshing, closing browser, getting back and clicked the raffle button and same, never got confirmation. And like users above, I have 0/3 dragons raised.
  19. Pretty cool eggs! Is it the usual procedure? They're dropping today only? Just asking.
  20. HAVE: CB Witchlight on CD TRADED! THANKS! WANT: CB Old Halloween swap: PM discussion, please. Just to let you know, in order of preference: CB Black Marrow CB Cavern Lurker CB Shadow Walker CB Desipis CB Grave CAN BREED: EGG LOCKED FOR NOW!! CB Halloweens from my scroll, I have CB Graves, CB Desipises, CB Witchlights and CB Caligenes. Pick any CB you want, but the ones located in the last page are exclusive couples but available for breeding as well. Willing to give multiple 2G's Halloween offspring from my CB Shimmer already traded, thank you so much! WANT: PM discussion, please. Just to let you know, in order of preference: CB Black Marrow CB Cavern Lurker CB Shadow Walker
  21. Let's hope so, but maybe it'll be easier because currently we have limits for CB Christmas ^^
  22. I feel it'll be like this till the very end of the event LOL
  23. Speechless. Just wow. Thanks TJ and organizers!